I’ve been looking to getting this blog started for awhile now. My goal is to create a nice mixture between advocacy, information, my jumbled thoughts and more, mainly focused on transportation, the environment and the politics that surround it. 
I’ve lived in a range of places, and been fortunate enough to travel to many more. As such, I’ve been exposed to a great deal of ideas in what should constitute good transportation. I hope to bring my experience in living along BRT in Curitiba, riding the rubber-tired subway in Mexico City, seeing the oldest subway system in the hemisphere every day in Boston and biking along farms in Fresno to the internets. Maybe I’ll even find a reader or two. 
As I’m currently in Fresno (well, Clovis), I suspect many of my posts will focus on that. Fortunately for me, Fresno has begun planning for an exciting future with transportation concerning more than just highways. From the developing bikeways, to the upcoming high speed rail, to setting the foundation for BRT and a streetcar, there should be enough to talk about. 
Oh, and pictures. I like pictures. There will be many of those too. 

2 Replies to “And so we begin”

  1. Hi there, I managed to run into your blog while reading the Fresno Bee's News Blog.

    You brought up some interesting topics about the transportation systems here in Fresno/Clovis. I also enjoyed reading your post about the new construction homes that's currently being developed. I've noticed the same problems whenever I'm in a new neighborhood.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that there are people that are reading your blog. Keep posting. 🙂

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment. According to the stats page which keeps track of views, I have at least some readers, but no one is adventurous enough to leave a comment.

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