Day: March 14, 2011

Lofts in Old Town Clovis?

This article appeared in the Fresno Bee last week:

Downtown Clovis, known for its old-fashioned Western charm, could soon be getting a piece of the urban lifestyle: residential lofts with ground-floor shops and offices.
Granville Homes is proposing to build 35 loft-type condominiums above commercial and office space at the site of the old Clovis City Hall and the former state Department of Motor Vehicles office. A plaza at the front of the project would serve as an entryway into downtown Clovis where Bullard and Pollasky avenues meet.

This is a promising development.  Old Town Clovis is small, well defined and in relatively good condition compared to downtown Fresno. But it’s far from perfect, as there are many surface parking lots and buildings in bad condition. Click to read more!