180 and farmland – Part 2

As I noted yesterday, I am going to be taking a look at the extension of highway 180 and the effect it is having on agriculture. All you see below can easily be found on google maps, I’m just putting it in one place so it’s easier than switching back and forth between the aerial and satellite imagery.

We begin at 180 and just east of Temperance (Locan pictured), which was built only a few years ago, and from there move east.

You’ll note the highway goes from farmland…to more farmland. No urban area in sight, at least not yet. Once the developers see all those pretty off-ramps, subdivisions will be sprouting up like weeds.

2009: Locan to Dewolfe

2010: Locan to Dewolfe

2009: Dewolfe to Leonard

2010: Dewolfe to Leonard

2009: Leonard to Highland

 2010: Leonard to Highland

2009: Highland to Thompson

 2010: Highland to Thompson

Is there more? Oh yeah… a lot more.

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