180 and farmland – Part 3

Let’s continue moving east. Is there more destruction of prime valley farmland? You bet!

2009: Thompson to McCall

2010: Thompson to McCall

Here’s something interesting…they’ve built a parking lot in the middle of nowhere. It looks to be a park and ride. A transit element you’d think, a place to park a car to take the bus. But no, not here in Fresno County. I’m guessing there’s some kind of “reward” for including park and rides in projects, because these little (useless) parking lots are popping up next to all the freeways….but there’s no corresponding bus service! Carpools perhaps? Maybe, but none of the highways here have carpool lanes….

2009: McCall to Dockery (Dockery does not reach Kings Canyon, yet)

2010: McCall to Dockery.

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