Fresno “Smart Growth Conference”

I managed to make it to the first day of the Smart Growth Conference. I thought the presentations were to begin at noon on Wednesday, but a small free lunch was served (sandwiches, salad, cookies). That gave me time to explore the art museum and meet a few people.

The presentations were interesting. One was about AB32 and how cities need to plan their growth to meet the targets. Another talked about land use in Fresno, and how downtown has the cheapest infrastructure but the highest tax revenue – even though so much of it is vacant. The last presentation was about density, and what it looks like.

The presentations will be found online (with video) next week.

Some of the questions were interesting, an there were only two “crazy” types. One who went off on a rant on the evils of high speed rail, and the other about the wonders of natural gas. The rest were mostly on point, although perhaps too wordy.

The biggest disappointment was the lack of media attention and Fresno officials.

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