Month: April 2011


So tonight, at 11:15pm, the house and senate made a deal on the budget.

What amazes me more than the budget itself is the amount of misinformation flying around. We’re on the internet, so “fact check” website are key-strokes away, and yet people are content to take a catch-phrase and repeat it as if it’s the word of God. It scares me that some are so adverse to compiling all the information before deciding on a rational position.

In the news

Today’s edition of the paper had an article about the development of this 40 acre lot, in northeast Fresno.,-95.677068&sspn=36.231745,71.982422&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Clovis,+California+93611&ll=36.857802,-119.782948&spn=0.008945,0.025749&t=k&z=16

It is an interesting area. To the northwest lies Woodward park, the largest park in Fresno. To the north and east, like single-family detached homes. To the west, lies a series of “office in the parking lots” all built within the last 10 years, and none full. Click to read more!

180 and farmland – Part 6

We finally reach the end of the current extension of the 180. Of course, further extensions are already being planned.

2009: Academy Ave to Quality Ave

 2010: Academy Ave to Quality Ave

2009: Quality Ave to Madsen Ave


Quite the bustling metropolis this highway extends to! I guarantee, in 10 years, these same images will be full of subdivisions, and not farms.

In the news

This article in the paper caught my eye today

Construction will start this month on the widening of Highway 99 starting in Kingsburg and ending in Goshen — taking the highway from two lanes to three in both directions. Officials had a groundbreaking for the project Friday.

“This is important to our region. It will save lives and help the environment,” said Rudy Mendoza, a staff member for Congressman Devin Nunes, R-Visalia. “One word describes what we’re doing here: progress.”

The widening project, coming in at $110 million, is expected to be complete in mid 2014, Caltrans says. The majority of the project is being funded by Proposition 1B, which allocated $8 billion for transportation projects since it was approved by voters in 2006. The widening will remove the highway’s median and oleanders and add lanes through the 14-mile stretch between Goshen and Kingsburg. Click to read more!