Transportation Hippos

You know when someone makes an argument, and sets out a series of points, and one of those points is a direct contradiction to an earlier point?

I’m going to call those transport hippos, for hypocrisies.

Today’s hippo of the day:
The nobody/everybody paradox.

An argument about why bike lanes are terrible:
-Nobody uses them!
-They’re a waste of money!
-I drive down main street every day and see, at MOST, 1 person on a bike a week, and they’re on the sidewalk!

Immediately followed by:
-All cyclists run stop lights!
-Cyclists break every law on the book!
-Cyclists are a danger to society, they scare pedestrians and frighten drivers!
-Cyclists slow me down! I can’t afford to be late to work because of people on bikes!

So what is it, does nobody bike, or are their hoards of cyclists out terrorizing everyone and simultaneously slowing people down?

Can’t be both.

In fact, I guess we have a double.

On one side, cyclists are too fast, as we’ve all heard:

-The cyclists came out of nowhere!
-He dashed into the intersection!

Followed by

-They’re so slow, they should go to speed limit or get out of the way.

So what it is, are they too fast, and thus a danger to society, or too slow, and thus an annoyance?

Can’t be both.

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