Day: May 10, 2011

Housing developers skimping on sidewalk ramps and curb cuts?

Alternate title:
Cutting corners by not cutting corners.

Housing developers, like all other businesses are primarily concerned with profits. There are two ways to make more money; by cutting costs or by increasing revenue. Housing developers are the masters of both. Cheap lighting fixtures, paper thin walls, and budget carpets? Check. Granite counters with a 50% profit margin? Of course. Energy efficient appliances, sold to you at twice the price that Sears would? The newest rage.

However, what happens inside the home is really only the business of the home buyer. After all, if they don’t like the carpet, they can change it. If they want to install their own counters, they can do that. As long as the home meets earthquake and fire codes, the developer should be free to sell homes without walls, if they believe that’s what the market wants. Click to read more!