Day: May 17, 2011

Fresno has the 5th best transit system in the country? Um, no.

Institutes love to pull out lists. They spend some time putting some data into a spreadsheet, look at what is spit out, and then declare winners and losers.

But they forget to use an ounce of common sense to see if the data they’re choosing to use is relevant, and if the output is reasonable.

The Brookings Institution recently released a report ranking the transit systems in the country, and their prime metric seems to be what percentage of jobs are transit accessible.

While at first, that metric seems to make sense…’s really dumb.

A city of 5,000, contained within 10 blocks with a single bus running a loop every 60 minutes may well have 100% transit accessibility. But if your town is only 10 blocks big…then walking or biking will get you to your destination faster than relying on a loop route on an hourly schedule. Click to read more!