Day: May 31, 2011

Riding the bus in Fresno (FAX). Step 2: Can I get there from here?

What a lovely memorial day weekend. Perfect weather on Monday for being outside.

Anyway, continuing my post about FAX.

My key search was to find how to answer the following question:
“what buses go near me, where do they go, and what times do they run”

We’ve already established that the system map isn’t very good. It’s not terrible, but it fails at the street level. You can see what bus goes from x part of town to y part of town, but finding out where on earth the bus actually stops? Not so easy. And finding out what streets the buses run on downtown or at major transfer centers, is impossible. But I guess once you know what route covers your part of town, you can move onto another tool to find out where exactly the bus runs. Click to read more!