My Maps (google) downgraded?

A few years ago, I used google maps for a few projects. Recently, I’ve tried to use it again to make some new maps….but it seems like two major features have disappeared!

1) Finding other user created maps.
Before starting my map, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t redundant, so I wanted to see if anyone else had created one. Well, turns out the search feature is gone! Now the ONLY way to find a user created map is to be linked to it!

2) Opening two maps at the same time. Say for example, you wanted to create a transit map. You could create a map with bus routes, and a separate map with subway routes. To see them overlayed over each other, you would just click a box indicating the maps you wanted to open. Well it’s gone now! It seems like now you can only open one map at a time, which means more clutter!

Why would google do this?

Anybody know a workaround for these issues?

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