Quick look at downtown Fresno apartment construction

My original goal when starting this blog was to post every other day. Well, I’m obviously failing at that. I’ll try to get part 2 of the FAX post this weekend.

Meanwhile, take a look at some picture’s taken today of construction going on in downtown Fresno. These are new apartments being built, which is significant because downtown Fresno didn’t see a single new residential building between something like 1980 and 2005 (anyone know the exact dates?). In the future, I’ll try and make a post detailing what has been built and what is going to be built next in that region.

May 26, 2011
(People parking for free to attend a Flogging Molly concert at the Rainbow, including us. Some people claim they don’t visit downtown because parking “is a hassle”. It’s actually easier than finding a spot at Costco.)



Taken by the developer, recently, but unsure of exact day

One small bit of fail is visible in the above photo. Sidewalk completely closed off with no accommodation for pedestrians.


4 Replies to “Quick look at downtown Fresno apartment construction”

  1. It's worth asking your elected officials how much they charge for closing public rights of way (i.e. sidewalks).

    Often the price was set decades ago and is completely out of line with what a private operator (say, a parking lot owner) would charge, much less goals of increasing pedestrian mode share.

    Obviously impacts on development cost should be considered, but a lot of times you'll end up with a developer using sidewalks for staging when a parking lot is right next door.

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