Day: June 15, 2011

Clovis: No effort to imrpove bus service, even with lower cost

On June 6, the Clovis City Council met, and one of their items of discussion was to renew their agreement with FAX (Fresno Area Express) which has a single bus line enter the city limits to reach a transfer center at Sierra Vista Mall.

As I’ve been discussing, Fresno has a very mediocre bus system, but Clovis, which operates their own system, has an absolutely terrible one. A grand total of two and a half bus lines, operating Monday-Saturday, 6am-6pm, once an hour.

So Clovis pays FAX to extend route 9 into the city to allow people to transfer between systems. It makes sense, as the cities flow into each other, and having no connection between the two transit systems would be ludicrous (it’s already wasteful enough to operate two independent systems). It also helps Clovis, as it allows shoppers and workers to reach Sierra Vista Mall, which houses a movie theater, Sears, Kohls, and various standard mall shops like Victoria’s Secret, and Gamestop, and a good dozen restaurants. Click to read more!