The curious case of the disappearing Google earth application

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed an icon missing from my desktop. I knew I hadn’t deleted anything, but I couldn’t remember what icon had previously been there.

Yesterday, I tried to open Google earth. And that’s when I realized it was the missing icon. No problem, I’ll just get to the program the long way, with the start menu.

But it wasn’t there either.

So I searched “google” and then “earth” in the start menu search bar.


Was I going crazy? I know I had the program. I was pretty damn sure I never uninstalled it. So what happened?

Well, all this talk of google earth made me load up my favorite google earth related website, which you can find here:

And guess what their main story that day was?

Can’t find your Google Earth icon?

What an interesting coincidence.

Well, it turns out they have no idea what is going on either.

The good news is that the program is easy to find.

Open up Computer, then C, or whatever your main drive is called. Venture into “Program Files”, then “Google” and finally “Google Earth”. See, the program is still on your computer. Click the “Client” folder and you should see the “googleearth” program sitting there.

Right click the program, and select “create shortcut”. Then copy or drag the new shortcut to your desktop again.

Or, if you follow the link above, you can download a small application that does that for you.

What an odd thing for the program to do, I’d never had this happen before.

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