Month: July 2011

“Living Green” lecture recap, part one

I attended the Living Green lecture held at Fulton 55 in downtown Fresno on Monday of this week I was pleasantly surprised with the turnout, with over 50 people in attendance for the two hour event.

The presentation itself began with an official from the city of Fresno to discuss sustainability, water and energy use in Fresno, and how saving energy can help boost the local economy.

The speaker from the city clearly believed what he was talking about. He mentioned that his home has solar power and he drives a prius. But he wasn’t there to preach about green living, he was there to give out facts and let us see why being sustainable simply makes sense for the individual, and for the city as a whole. Click to read more!

A look at the new Fulton Village project

On Monday, “Creative Fresno” held a lecture about sustainable living in downtown Fresno. A focus of the lecture was the construction of a new residential apartment complex, called “Fulton Village”. While the lecture was supposed to end with a tour of the interior, that had to be postponed due to a delay in construction.

I plan to have a full post about the content of the lecture, and an unfortunate incident after it. Hopefully, I can have that ready tomorrow. So today, enjoy some pictures of the exterior of the development and the surrounding area.

I also plan on having a future post highlighting ALL the recent residential development downtown. Click to read more!

Government Sprawl: Sending the veterans out to pasture

That’s right, more residential development out in the middle of nowhere, and this time, it’s government funded.

A few weeks ago, I posted about a housing developer planning a retirement community in the middle of nowhere.

Yesterday’s Fresno Bee highlighted a new residential community, and this one is for veterans.

The article, “Budget cuts delay opening of Fresno veterans home” goes into details of the government funds that are helping build this thing. Federal, state, and I believe even local monies are being put into this housing complex, which is being created to help veterans. Click to read more!

Government Fail: CSU tuition up massive 12%…but not as big as 33% raise to president’s salary

What are they thinking?

Minutes after voting to raise student tuition by 12 percent for the fall, California State University trustees on Tuesday decided the salary for a new campus president should be $100,000 greater than his predecessor’s.

The salary debate concerned Elliot Hirshman, who began earlier this month as the president of San Diego State. The board approved a compensation package for him Tuesday afternoon that includes a salary of $400,000, with $50,000 paid for with private funds from the university’s foundation. Click to read more!

Concerning the cover of the GOP transportation bill

Much has been said about the newly announced GOP transportation reauthorization proposal, but I don’t think enough attention has been paid to the cover of their bill.

This thing.


It’s an enormous WTF. Should be in a modern art museum even.

First a quick summary of what’s inside:
-33% cut to transportation (even though as the country grows, any rational bill would increase with inflation, at least)
-Elimination of funding for pedestrian/biking and HSR
-Massive cuts to Amtrak
-“Back to the basics” 80/20 funding split between highways and transit

….so what exactly does that have to do with this? Click to read more!

New bike lanes on Ventura/Kings Canyon

While on my way to eat at a Mexican restaurant on Ventura Ave (Castillo’s) I noticed something interesting….bike lanes. Those weren’t there before, right!?!

That area isn’t part of my daily routine, but I do pass by every other week or so, and I’m pretty sure I would have noticed them before. I wasn’t sure though, so as soon as I got home, I looked at Google’s satellite imagery, taken in April, and I’m right, the lanes are brand new.

So Fresno has finally painted bike lanes on one of their busiest commercial corridors!


Here’s the deal. Fresno has three major east/west commercial streets. From north to south, Herndon, Shaw and King’s Canyon/Ventura (it randomly changes names, same street). Click to read more!

“Living Green Downtown” lecture to be held in Fresno next week

Creative Fresno will be holding a free lecture next week on green and urban living, and end it with a tour of new apartments being built downtown.

When: July 18th, 6 to 8pm
Where: Fulton 55 at 875 Divisadero St., Fresno
What: An interactive presentation followed by a walking tour through the environmentally innovative Fulton Village development
Who: Open to everyone
Speakers: TBD
Cost: Free

Details can be found at:

The Fulton Village project is scheduled to open this year.

This is how the project looked last month.

Re-writing the NYT ‘Irking Drivers” piece so it’s more pleasant to read

A week or so ago, I was surprised to see an article on the front page of the New York Times concerning policies in Europe, which encourage walking, or as the article puts it, discourages driving. I was surprised not by the inclusion of the piece, but by the extremely harsh negative tone it took. The article was written like an attack piece on walking and biking, and I was shocked to see such a one-sided approach to reporting. Especially an article given front page real estate! Made me wonder that if this piece can lean so heavily in one way, what does it mean for every other article, especially the ones where I know little about the subject matter, so the bias will elude me? Click to read more!

Zoo as a revitalization tool?

This post will discuss how the zoo expansion will create a zoo that turns its back on the neighborhood, further hurts businesses in an already blighted neighborhood, and closes off all walking opportunities into the park. While some have claimed that the master plan will help the area by drawing more visitors, the plan has been created to keep out-of-town visitors away from local businesses, funnel them into a paid parking lot, and do this all while keeping locals out by blocking off pedestrian access.

From what I’ve been reading of the Chaffee Zoo expansion project, the general consensus seems to be that it’s a good idea. The town officials voted unanimously for it, although to be honest, they always do tend to vote yes for every large project that passes before them. Click to read more!