Day: July 11, 2011

New bike lanes on Ventura/Kings Canyon

While on my way to eat at a Mexican restaurant on Ventura Ave (Castillo’s) I noticed something interesting….bike lanes. Those weren’t there before, right!?!

That area isn’t part of my daily routine, but I do pass by every other week or so, and I’m pretty sure I would have noticed them before. I wasn’t sure though, so as soon as I got home, I looked at Google’s satellite imagery, taken in April, and I’m right, the lanes are brand new.

So Fresno has finally painted bike lanes on one of their busiest commercial corridors!


Here’s the deal. Fresno has three major east/west commercial streets. From north to south, Herndon, Shaw and King’s Canyon/Ventura (it randomly changes names, same street). Click to read more!