Month: January 2012

New coffee shop choices in Fresno

When it comes to unique coffee shops, Fresno is sorely lacking. There’s a Starbucks on every corner, but if you want something else, then it’s hard to find a good place. Not only are there few to begin with, but many are open for limited hours, such as 6am-2pm.

So what’s one to do when they want somewhere to go for an evening?

Fortunately, there are three new options.

Fresno Brewing Company

While it sounds like a beer place, right now, it’s strictly a coffee and hot chocolate joint.

Opening on December 1st, this new coffee shop brings life to the Fulton Mall. While their target are the many employees in the area, at least for now they offer evening service. Click to read more!

High Speed Rail, funding, and short term thinking

You may have seen on the news yesterday something about California’s High Speed Rail (HSR) program. A committee, mandated by the voters to review the program periodically, issued a report essentially stating that the program should be put “on hold” until the funding picture becomes clearer.

The California High Speed Rail blog has the initial news and analysis here, and today the official rebuttal from the HSR organizers, here. The rebuttal goes through the points, line by line, and throws facts in the mix. For example, while the peer review group states that the lack of full funding commitment is a major issue, the HSR people counter with the fact that no transportation program EVER is fully funded before starting. Click to read more!

Mexico City ped/bike infrastructure, airport and random pictures

This is a continuation of pictures from Mexico City.
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Here I look at sidewalk and pedestrian infrastructure, some bikes, light rail, the airport and even some ancient roadways.

In downtown Mexico City, I spotted a brand new separated bike lane, with a green bike box and all. Note the two folks using the Ecobici bikeshare bikes. Also note the public tourism bus.



On foot, we explore the neighborhood of Tlalpan. Small local parks are pleasant.


Sidewalks have many, many trees, but the trees do a good job of making the concrete very uneven. Click to read more!

More transit-suppression TSA teams, coming soon!

Nothing says “please ride public transit!” like missing a train or bus because someone has decided that it’s of the utmost importance that your backpack be swabbed every morning on your way to work.

What better way to get people to switch from the privacy of their automobile to shared transportation than adding fear, annoyance and delays into the morning routine.

And in 2012, those unnecessary security-theater checkpoints get to roam further into your life, thanks to a funding bill Obama just signed.

In the FY 2012 consolidated spending act (Public Law 112-074) signed by President Barack Obama last Friday, TSA received about $7.85 billion, up $153 million from 2011. Click to read more!