Pro-HSR radio ad in Fresno

The Fresno Bee reports that a new ad will be airing on local radio featuring former Mayor of Fresno Alan Autry (Republican). The ad also features comedian Will Durst.

You can listen to the ad here.

The ad touches on a few key points:

-Pro-central valley, local ad, local pride.

-Touches on ways that the media and the population of LA and the Bay area frequently crap on the valley, and the way politicians have been fighting to take the money away.

-Talks about the very real brain drain, as young people who want real careers have no choice but to look for opportunity elsewhere.

-Uses a well known (locally), and Republican, spokesperson .

-Addresses “train to nowhere” and how saying that about a city that holds over a million in its metro area is ludicrous, as it essentially means the area is full of nobodies.

-Talks about thousands of construction jobs.

-Mentions thousands of future jobs created by making the valley “close” to economic centers.

And finally, the ad is 99% positive. No crapping on farmers, no dissing naysayers, just positivity.

It’s a good ad, and I hope it runs on many radio stations.

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