Day: April 9, 2012

Thoughts about Philly – East Cost Trip Part 2

Last Monday, I was in Philly. Ok, I was there for a wee bit on Sunday night as well, but it was pretty much one day. Here are my pictures and thoughts.
Part 1 was Jersey

Arriving in Philly was fun. After transferring to SEPTA in Trenton, I boarded a train for Philly. I had purchased a ticket to 30th station, but was told I could get off anywhere downtown, so I went one station further to “Suburban”. The name is a bit misleading. The station is a lot like Penn Station in New York, in that it is very subterranean, and you have no idea where you are. As it was Sunday, it seemed like every stairway was closed, but when I did manage to find my way out, the first thing I saw was this. Click to read more!

Clovis crosswalk update

The fancy pedestrian crosswalk I mentioned being built in Clovis is almost done.

Remember how I was a wee bit pessimistic about it? That is, while I’m thrilled to see a trail connection and the installation of a much safer crosswalk, I wish they had done it right and built the safest crosswalk possible. So what they’re building is good, but far from great.

I posted this rough diagram showing what I was expecting they’d build in terms of sidewalk extensions (in red) and what I would build (in green). Well, my pessimism wasn’t even right, as they’re only building an extension on the east side. Mind you, even my green drawing could be improved, as the entire intersection could be raised and built with pavers for maximum safety. The best way to build it would have allowed crossing at all points, as the location of the crosswalk means school kids have to cross two streets instead of one. Click to read more!