Will early Black Friday push people to shop online?

It’s Thanksgiving, a day of relaxing, eating, conversation….and standing in line for hours in the cold to shop?

Many retailers announced this year that they will open as early as 8pm on Thanksgiving day. That means, to get a good spot in line, you’d have to leave the house no later than 5pm – for some, many times earlier. Retailers want people to abandon their Thanksgiving dinner and time with the family to save some money on unneeded goods.

Of course, that’s an individual choice, but what’s worse is that millions of people who choose not to partake are forced into it….all the men and women who work in retail who now have to clock in at 7:30pm on Thanksgiving to staff the store. Some must start earlier for crowd control. Add in commuting time, and their dinner gets cut short as well.

I’m wondering (and somewhat hoping) that this race to open earliest fails somewhat, and that many people decide that instead of waiting in line, they rather grab their deals from the comfort of the couch or yes, even the dinner table. I can certainly see more families tolerating shopping on a tablet rather than having that family member leave the house completely.

Mind you, I’m writing this post from Massachusetts, a state that doesn’t allow stores to open up until 12:01am on Friday. Antiquated blue law? Perhaps, but there’s a good reason this blue law has made it while so many others have fallen – it actually makes sense.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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