FAX moving towards strike?

In another example of the city of Fresno not realizing the importance of a functional bus network, the council today made a move that looks to push FAX closer to a strike….a strike that will jeopardize thousands of jobs as people have to miss work and may get fired.

The city fails to understand that buses connect people with jobs, and so fails to fund a network for the city of 2012. FAX hasn’t grown since 2000, and has actually cut routes since then. Bus service ends at 9:30pm, making commutes to evening jobs impossible. And now, the city doesn’t want to pay the drivers.

The union has been without a contract for quite some time, and instead of coming to an agreement, the city is imposing their own terms.

The Fresno City Council on Thursday evening voted to impose a
one-year labor deal on bus drivers that mandates a 3% wage cut. The vote after a nearly three-hour hearing was 4-3 with Council Members Oliver Baines, Sal Quintero and Blong Xiong voting no. The deal also changes work rules designed in an effort to reduce absenteeism and overtime.

The bus drivers union on Saturday rejected a final contract offer
hammered out by union officials and negotiators from Mayor Ashley
Swearengin’s administration.
The more than 100 drivers at that meeting also authorized their negotiating team to call a strike if deemed necessary.

Fresno Bee

 The three councilmen who voted no represented the parts of the city with most the poverty, and most FAX ridership. They understand how many of their constituents rely on the bus to make ends meet. Clint Oliver, district 7, voted against the needs of his area. The other 3 districts barely get bus service.

Hopefully this doesn’t end in a strike, but it’s just another example of messed up priorities.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, December has been quite busy, as I’m sure it is for most of you. Expect more frequent posting as of next week.

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