The lack of a West Coast New Year’s event

Good day readers, and welcome to 2013. I hope you’ve had many good celebrations, and a great year ahead of you. I hope to continue this blog, and try and update it more frequently….although I think I do well enough.

Last night, as is tradition, the TV was on showing the countdown to the New Year. On ABC, the Dick Clark extravaganza, with the traditional terrible live music with this years fads, interwined with scenes of Times Square, before the big drop.

On Univision, the exact same thing, but in Spanish.

On both networks (and I assume the rest of them), all these festivities are splattered with a giant LIVE on the top right corner of the screen, as we all count down to midnight at 11:59 PST…..3 hours removed from the actual event.

If Times Square were being broadcast live, it would be mostly empty, as everyone would have gone home.

I’ve never understood why the networks plaster a giant LIVE logo for a tape-delayed broadcast (or why that’s even legal), but more importantly, why the entire country must fixate on scenes from another time zone, and go through the motions of pretending it’s live.

The eastern time zone is of course the most populous one, with around 47% of the US population, but it isn’t even the majority.

I simply wonder why a large city like Los Angeles or San Francisco hasn’t set up their own enormous public celebration to meet the live viewing needs of the Pacific time zone (sorry mountain and alaska, you’re on your own). With a population of almost 40 million, you’d think that California alone would warrant a second ball drop.

We can offer up the Fulton Mall as the premiere venue, but LA Live would probably win.
I just don’t know why it hasn’t been done.

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