Texas mayor: Cyclists endanger motorists

A Texas mayor, Bill
, yesterday penned
a newspaper opinion column claiming that cyclists endanger motorists. Did he
trying using stereotypical “arguments” such as claiming that all cyclists run
red lights and bike against traffic? Nope, his argument was that cyclists
strictly following the law are a menace. In fact, it was the mayor who broke
not one but two laws.

Not only did he admit to breaking the law, but he then
threatens to use his position of authority to harass cyclists. 
I was sitting in the parking lot of the
post office April 15 when suddenly there was a loud and abrupt knock on my
truck window. It turns out that a couple of cyclists did not like me passing
them between Luke’s Chevron and Bulverde Hills Drive.
Traffic was quite heavy at the time.
School had just let out, there was a scramble to get income tax checks mailed
and the evening rush was beginning. My patience was already worn thin and being
stuck behind a couple of slow-moving cyclists riding side-by-side did not help.

So I gave a brief tap on the horn. The
cyclists changed formation to single file. Then a break in traffic gave me the
opportunity to accelerate and pass on a stretch of road that has a
double-yellow center stripe which you can’t cross.


The two laws he broke were
using a horn in a non-emergency situation, and crossing a double-yellow line to
pass. He also later admits to “unleashing on the pair”  – something that sounds like a case  of road rage.
He ends his column with a
thinly veiled threat

The last thing we want to do is to
start ramping up citations for the littlest infractions to get you to notice.

The mayor is from the town of Bulverde,
a suburb of San Antonio. It is unacceptable that any public official would take
to a newspaper to argue against legal behavior while describing his own scofflaw
activities. However, it’s extremely unlikely his actions will be questioned by those in positions above him.
Sadly, his attitude is common in the
area north of Fresno, were cyclists must share narrow and winding foothill roads
with motorists. Last year, one cyclist, which happened to be a sheriff deputy,
was shot in the back for having the audacity to ride. Hopefully that behavior
does not become more common now that the mayor has displayed his opinion on the

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  1. This is really outrageous, and I'm sorry to hear it. Thanks for reporting on this.

    My partner and I just went through an incident like this in downtown Providence, RI, but we managed to draw witness attention by yelling "Stop! You Can't Do That!" and then got the driver's plate #. He had actually tried to run me clear off the road, and then left the scene of the crime after we told him we were calling the police–by nudging past me with his car, since I was trying to obstruct him leaving the incident.

    It's frustrating. Keep the faith, and we'll see some change soon.

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