A look at the site of the demolished Droge building – photo tour

A few weeks ago, the old Droge building was finally demolished. The building had sat at the corner of Van Ness and Inyo for 91 years, although it spent the last years of its life as an eye-sore. Like many buildings in Fresno, being old did not save it from the wrecking ball because it had been left to decay into such bad condition, it wasn’t worth saving.

Supposedly only held up by those metal poles on the sidewalk (which made the building a local icon), it did take some effort from the bulldozers to bring it down. Nether-less, the facade was plain, and the roof was not salvageable.

Fortunately, this building wasn’t just knocked down to build a parking lot. Instead, a new four story building with affordable housing is planned. I talk a little about the project in this post.

Last week, I toured the area and took many pictures. Please enjoy this photo tour.

The site sits on the corner, across from the spiral garage, and a block from the Fulton Mall. 

 photo DSC03524_zps0e7f21ae.jpg

Only dirt remains

 photo DSC03526_zpse364fbb7.jpg

 photo DSC03527_zps2fee1fc6.jpg

Van Ness, looking north

 photo DSC03528_zps980a4c12.jpg

Van Ness, looking south

 photo DSC03529_zpscfb9cee4.jpg

Diagonally across the intersection

 photo DSC03533_zps1ba63257.jpg

On the east side of the site

 photo DSC03530_zpsbde1a86b.jpg

 photo DSC03532_zpse72140e6.jpg

Joe’s Steakhouse

 photo DSC03534_zps0d810722.jpg

 photo DSC03535_zpsaacb0c97.jpg

What used to be a sports bar (and then fancy pizza place), next door

 photo DSC03536_zps48b96dbf.jpg

 photo DSC03537_zps19ff29aa.jpg

I then walked towards the Fulton Mall, never noticed that the spiral garage was built over the alley

 photo DSC03538_zpsd8f7538e.jpg

The sidewalk to get to the mall. The stores on the right used to be a clothing market, before the city evicted everyone. Before that, it was a department store. Now it’s empty.

 photo DSC03539_zpsc988be91.jpg

Hopefully a year from now there’s a new building at this construction site.

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