Clovis adding large trailhead to Dry Creek Trail

The City of Clovis is looking to convert 2.5 acres of vacant land at Shepherd and Sunnyside into a new trailhead. The project would slightly extend Dry Creek Trail to Shepherd, and provide future connections to a new trail north, and the existing Enterprise Trail to the East. I recently provided a picture tour of a gap-closure on a portion of this same trail.

Here is an area trail map, with the trailhead indicated by the red arrow

 photo shepherd1_zps67cdf125.jpg

Here is another map showing the same thing. Dark green solid lines indicate the two trails, with the red line indicating where they end. The dotted green line is a future trail, which today is accessible as a dirt canal bank. The dotted beige line is a future trail (long distance future). The yellow shape is the planned trailhead

 photo shepherd2_zpsfd882321.jpg

The trailhead is intended to serve as a gateway to the trail system, and works as a way to advertise the existence of the system. The plan is also to provide amenities, like tables, restrooms and water fountains. The plans also call for a small bike maintenance area, including a tire pump. As far as I know, this would be a local first.

However like most recent Clovis park projects, the area will be dominated by parking – an astonishing 40 spots. That’s a very high number for what’s being advertised as a “junction and rest area for cyclists and pedestrians”.

Like most Clovis parks, this area of asphalt will add large costs, take up a lot of space, and be greatly underused. During the comment period, almost every comment received noted a concern about the unnecessarily large size. Those complaints appear to have been ignored. 

Another concern by local residents was lighting. The city has agreed to use bollard-style lighting, rather than standard lights. That’s a shame, because those bollard-style lights do more harm than good, as they manage to create glare and large areas of shadows.

Here is the site plan. The park area looks to be well designed – hey look, trees instead of grass that nobody uses! But the parking lot takes up about a 3rd of the site. Also, there appears to be no future connection to the trail to the east. I’ve marked an arrow showing the direction to the Dry Creek Trail

 photo shepherd3_zpse04ff41b.jpg

Don’t expect to see this done this year. Currently, the council is approving a change in land use, which allows the plan to go forward. Hopefully it’s open by next spring.

Here is a picture tour of the area: 

The existing trail

 photo DSC03976_zpsc5413b03.jpg

The trail currently ends before the dam at a junction, as seen is this map

 photo shepherd4_zpsfb9dd115.jpg
The curve towards the left leads to a sort-of road

 photo DSC03978_zps5f09f3a7.jpg

 photo DSC03979_zps3ed852cf.jpg

Looking across the canal towards the future park

 photo DSC03983_zps2f367ec3.jpg

Going straight at the junction. one arrives at the dam

 photo DSC03977_zpsc02774e3.jpg

 photo DSC03985_zps26248a88.jpg

The dam is accessible. Going straight one arrives at the future park

 photo DSC03987_zps6032c9ef.jpg

 photo DSC03988_zpsc3896469.jpg

 photo DSC03989_zpsfa39ffc5.jpg

The canal divides the lot. There are no plans for the other side of the empty lot

 photo DSC03990_zps9f5381f9.jpg

However, it is accessible

 photo DSC03992_zps390fa4fb.jpg

One would cross this way to head towards the enterprise trail

 photo DSC03993_zps05da4940.jpg

 photo DSC03995_zps9f783861.jpg

 photo DSC03996_zpsf74feb3f.jpg

This isn’t officially a trail – it’s a canal maintenance road.  But obviously it’s used as a trail.

A concern of mine is that there appears to be no provision for a legal crossing here.

Today, it’s a minor two lane road. But this is Clovis, so soon it will be 4-6 lanes wide.

Looking north

 photo DSC03997_zps0407a38c.jpg

Looking south
 photo DSC03998_zps7ae445b8.jpg

This way to enterprise trail

 photo DSC04000_zps4401dc40.jpg

I had thought I read that there were going to be improvements here, but I was wrong.

It’s very pleasant, even though it’s not officially a trail.

 photo DSC04003_zpseb583f21.jpg

 photo DSC04009_zps25e54b3a.jpg

Eventually you reach where the real enterprise trail ends

 photo DSC04013_zps2a0cbd18.jpg

The canal dirt path is straight, the real trail is on the left, where the lady is walking.

 photo DSC04014_zps24fb9078.jpg

It currently ends here.

 photo DSC04015_zps0cec2566.jpg

 photo DSC04019_zpseeae516c.jpg

Returning to the project area, you can see this not-trail is being used as a vital connection, even without a safe crosswalk

 photo DSC04022_zps3e1df6ae.jpg

The cyclist is heading to the dam, where she will enter Dry Creek trail. Again, this lot isn’t the park area, the lot across the canal is

 photo DSC04025_zps864f8599.jpg

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  1. Even though there are a lot of improvements still to be made at this site, it's nice to see that the canal crossing was made safer. Back in '09, it was so much more dangerous.

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