A look at the GV Urban Broadway property

I’ve been pretty busy lately, not posting nearly as much as I’d like. I’ve been sitting on some pictures I took of the next big GV Urban project for over a month now, and I figured I’d sort of dump them now before they get too old.

Here’s my article about this specific project.Of course, this is the project that will benefit from the Broadway streetscape, eh, parking, project.

It’s in the red rectangle.


There was some preliminary activity. Again, these pictures are over a month old, so I assume there’s been some dirt moving.

 photo DSC03639_zps1f37181f.jpg

 photo DSC03640_zps3c0a2e36.jpg

 photo DSC03641_zps45a30d96.jpg

 photo DSC03642_zpse8b011ea.jpg

The house will be preserved and restored.

 photo DSC03643_zps2dd728dc.jpg

Parking will be added here.

 photo DSC03644_zps147c2d65.jpg

 photo DSC03646_zpsee9f145c.jpg

Across the street….I guess this is sort of part of the mural district?

 photo DSC03647_zps935c74f4.jpg

Closer look at the house

 photo DSC03648_zps189852dd.jpg

 photo DSC03649_zps2707a8a6.jpg

 photo DSC03650_zps88354c21.jpg

 photo DSC03651_zps8b477ede.jpg

I hope the trees aren’t destroyed

 photo DSC03652_zps58db36aa.jpg

Sidewalk needs some work

 photo DSC03653_zpsc6c9f04b.jpg


 photo DSC03654_zps3faa243d.jpg

….and that’s it!

Bonus: High Speed Rail will go here. With all this empty space, why are they moving the freeway?

 photo DSC03637_zps0039a742.jpg

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