Clovis gets grant for solar bus stop lighting

One of our frequent commentators is going to like this news.

Clovis has received a grant from Homeland Security to install solar lighting systems at various bus stops around town.

I find homeland security to be an absurd waste of money, so I think it’s fantastic that Clovis is milking the cow to actually produce real benefits for local residents. I don’t understand how a light at a bus stop is meant to deter terrorism … but it’s money the transit system can use for a good cause – customer service.

I’ve argued previously that Clovis and Fresno should apply for every possible grant they can process, and this is a good example of the benefits. It’s especially nice to see that Clovis remembers they have a transit system, even though it doesn’t operate at night, and has very few shelters.

Here are the details:

Grant: $73,950
To buy: 36 “pole-mounted” solar bus stop lights
To buy: 6 “shelter mounted” solar bus stop lights

A company called “Urban Solar” will provide the pole-mounted units, which will operate for 4 hours after dusk, and two hours before dawn. “Sol Inc.” will provide the shelter units, and their systems will be on all night.

Presumably, the shelter system can last longer as panels will occupy the roof of the shelter, while the pole unit will be a single panel on top of the light.

The primary purpose of the pole units are so that the driver sees waiting passengers. They provide very localized light at the stop. Again, it’s sort of odd because Clovis transit doesn’t run past 6pm… but any sidewalk lighting is good. Currently, many Clovis sidewalks can be very dark, as the street lights are aimed exclusively into the road. On another positive note, these lights will advertise the existence of bus stops, which many people may not realize exist. Perhaps better awareness of the bus stops will lead to louder demand for night service?

Fresno, which does offer slightly longer night service, would do well into looking at the Clovis installation. The cost seems very reasonable, especially when paid for by the feds.

Here is what the pole unit looks like, according to the manufacturer website:

 photo clovis1_zpsfde7d17d.jpg

The shelter unit will be installed on existing bus shelters, and provide light to the seating area.

  photo clovis2_zps3497f6f3.jpg

Installation is to be finished by the end of the year.

7 Replies to “Clovis gets grant for solar bus stop lighting”

  1. I finally saw one of the new lighted bus stops in person. Aside from the light color, they`re a pleasant ammenity to anyone waiting for the bus at night. Lighting brings with it a uniquely strong sense of securiy. I feel that such things, though, might benefit Fresno more. I also wouldn't mind to see some improved lighting next to bus stops. By what I`ve seen, bus stops tend to be areas of greater pedestrian conflict, at least at certain stops. I`d be all for a reasonable upgrade to full cut-off cobra heads at and adjacent to the stops. It would benefit both driver and rider. As to the light source, we can play around with it. We could possibly use warm white leds to highlight the locations if the stops because the light looks distinct and recoginizable when viewed against the most common light sources like metal halide and hps. Just a thought.

    1. I believe it was the shelter light on Herndon Ave. next to that new shopping center. As a passanger or driver of a car, looking can be painful on that streach of Herndon because it seems that some of the new streetlights weren't placed level. Some of them shine straight into the eyes of anyone driving east.

  2. Looks like Clovis is investing in other types of LED fixtures, Cree XSP cobraheads. Kinda shocking.It looks like they are fitted to the intersection lights at Herndon and Temperance. Now I just wonder. What color temp. did Clovis go with? Did you get a chance to see any?

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