Small Gap in Herndon Bike Path to be Filled

There’s a small improvement coming to the Fresno bike network.

As everyone from Fresno is well aware, if you’re in the north part of town, Herndon is the only way to go east or west…if you have a car. 6 lanes of 50mph traffic might get you across quickly in a motor vehicle, but it’s an obstacle by bike. Sure, it’s legal to bike on Herndon, but no one would ever actually do it.

The streets to the north of Herndon are calm and quiet…but they don’t really connect. You can always go south, but that’s a .5 mile detour just to get to the next road.

The city is attempting to solve this issue by creating a multi-use path on the north side of the avenue. Why wasn’t it built when the six lanes of asphalt were? I don’t know. But for now, every year some money trickles in which is used to fill in gaps.

This time, it’s for the gap between Fruit and Palm.

Here’s what the path does west of Palm.

 photo herndon1_zps72410a8a.png
And here’s what the path does east of Fruit

 photo herndon2_zps9a601b11.png

According to this resolution (PDF), $260,000 will buy about .3 miles of trail. The cost seems very high to me, but it’s in line with what Clovis paid for a trail expansion earlier this year.

Once this is done, one will be able to bike comfortably along Herndon from Ingram to Marks, which is 2.5 miles.

7 Replies to “Small Gap in Herndon Bike Path to be Filled”

  1. They shouldn't build it zig-zaggy as it is next to the parking structure. What's with that? That's annoying for pedestrians and appears non-functional for bicyclists, making them swerve back and forth. They'd never build a highway like that. Also if traffic is 50mph the path should at least be beyond the clear zone from the lanes: at least 10-30 feet from the roadway.

    1. Yes, when the path curves like that, you realize the person designing it has never ridden a bike in their lives.

      I dont think California law requires a clear zone, many 50mph roads have a sidewalk right next to the lanes.

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