Enterprise Trail Construction Under Way

It was only a month ago that I posted about Clovis getting a new trail extension. The Enterprise trail currently runs adjacent to a canal from Nees (near Temperance) to near Fowler and Shepherd.

The new extension starts at Temperance and runs along the canal towards the 168 freeway.

Oddly enough, the new construction does not connect to the existing trail. existing is green, new is in orange.

Let’s have a look at what’s been done:

While a gravel road runs along the canal, as is always the case, the trail runs besides that. I think it’s a shame because you don’t get to run/bike along the water.

 photo DSC07003_zpse0c3f39d.jpg

Unlike the rest of the trail, this segment is on the south side of the canal.

 photo DSC07004_zps5132e1e7.jpg

It’s obvious where it’s going.

 photo DSC07005_zps387865e5.jpg

Oddly, it runs right by this building.

 photo DSC07007_zps711e3414.jpg

 photo DSC07008_zpsfbdadb64.jpg

 photo DSC07010_zps0703289a.jpg

Looking back

 photo DSC07026_zps80dbf682.jpg

The area is still rural in character, but the subdivisions are popping up everywhere. 

 photo DSC07009_zps56b19bd5.jpg

 photo DSC07012_zpsba684ee6.jpg

 photo DSC07014_zps1a312eaf.jpg

 photo DSC07015_zps15c30f18.jpg

After running by the weird building and a large ranch home, the trail will  parallel a lot that’s been empty for quite some time. Without looking it up, I’d wager it’s zoned commercial, due to the highway.

 photo DSC07016_zps7b9a2d55.jpg

 The construction loses some definition.

 photo DSC07017_zps1c7ccf1d.jpg

 photo DSC07019_zps9663572e.jpg

I can’t tell if construction ends here of it that work is part of the trail.

 photo DSC07020_zps0036afd0.jpg

Assuming the work is trail related…

 photo DSC07023_zps7723b06f.jpg

Looking back

 photo DSC07025_zpse2161334.jpg

This is the definite end of construction.

 photo DSC07024_zpsa1f27d0e.jpg

As seen from above, the trail will end randomly and abruptly, at least for now.

 photo enterprise_zpse34b833e.png

Back at the beginning, I am unsure what provision will be made for a road crossing.

 photo DSC07027_zpsd7e86d03.jpg

You can see where the trail ends on the right. To the left, the road has no crosswalk here, but a depression so that canal maintenance vehicles can cut across.

 photo DSC07031_zps1b19742b.jpg

I am unsure if a future trail will run on the north or south side of the canal, to connect to the existing trail. 

 photo DSC07032_zps47a19880.jpg

 photo DSC07033_zps7f75cf8f.jpg

The existing intersection is not convenient for crossing.

 photo DSC07034_zpsf316deb7.jpg

There is some good news though. The Bee indicates that road work will be done for the trail….does this mean embedded pavement lights at a crosswalk?

The article lacks in any sort of informative detail on the work:

Lane and shoulder closures will occur through February along
Temperance Avenue between Alluvial and Nees avenues in Clovis.

A contractor will be working on improvements to the Enterprise Trail.

Motorists are encouraged to plan their routes so they can avoid the area or have more time to travel where needed.
Fresno Bee

Read more here: http://www.fresnobee.com/2014/01/21/3725467/in-clovis-road-closures-coming.html#storylink=cpy

Previous work in which a crosswalk has been built with embedded lights has resulted in a road closure of a month or so.

I’ve put in a question to see if this is the case here.

Edit: Received a reply from the Bee:

“It’s improvements to the trail. All we were told. “

Sigh. Isn’t the job of a reporter to get specific answers…?

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