Roeding Park Destruction / Zoo Expansion Begins

A few weeks ago, I was in Roeding Park and noticed some serious work underway. This week, the Bee confirmed that it’s related to the zoo expansion, although the Friends of the Park filed one final lawsuit to halt the project today.

Here’s some of the background on why the expansion is bad for the park. 

I also wrote about how the new entrance on Golden State would be bad for the neighborhood. Ironically, the lawsuit filed was because the county had to cancel those plans due to the High Speed Rail project. The entrances to the park will remain where they are today. 

The work is taking place at the south end of the park, with a side road seeing heavy deconstruction. Pardon some of the blurriness, it was darker than the pictures let on.

 photo DSC06664_zps4a4182c0.jpg

 photo DSC06663_zpsa27ed493.jpg

 photo DSC06665_zpsa287fff2.jpg

 photo DSC06666_zps2b297a4a.jpg

 photo DSC06667_zps06c58fba.jpg

 I also decided to catalog some of the park amenities that will be demolished. For my family, the prime attraction is the dog park, which has much more grass and trees than the one in Woodward Park. The dog park also has a much larger “small dog area”. The one in Woodward seems like a dog cage.

 photo DSC06635_zps1a11fe97.jpg

 photo DSC06625_zps81c2546a.jpg

 photo DSC06633_zpsea4d7776.jpg

 photo DSC06644_zpsc2de4301.jpg

One hopes all the large trees are preserved.

 photo DSC06634_zpsc7a6fb63.jpg

A very pleasant scene, except for the many massive ant hills. No maintenance is being done. 

 photo DSC06642_zps07b40354.jpg

The train passes nearby, visible just beyond the trees here. High Speed Rail will be built right there.

 photo DSC06647_zps019ec6e8.jpg

Other free recreational opportunities being removed.

 photo DSC06649_zps5ce18584.jpg

 photo DSC06650_zps1e129a7e.jpg

Already features have been removed. This was once a lake with water fountains.

 photo DSC06651_zpsacbc1e7a.jpg

On Google Maps, you can toggle between the before and after by switching from 45 degrees to overhead. You can see it was filled in last year. The cover image on the Save the Park website is actually of that water feature.

Other lakes remain, but they’re all going to be removed.

 photo DSC06653_zpsc3b20213.jpg

 photo DSC06656_zpsdc09d327.jpg

 photo DSC06658_zpse022eb66.jpg

At some point, these lakes were stocked with fish.

 photo DSC06662_zps73fbffd7.jpg

Maintenance has been abandoned.

 photo DSC06672_zps91ff867c.jpg

 photo DSC06676_zps5f8212db.jpg

I recommend visiting the park one last time before it’s all fenced off – under construction now, and then under an entrance fee later.

Mind you, I’m not against the zoo – just the expansion into the park without replacement of the free, open park space, and the construction of a massive parking area in the heart of the park, rather than across the street.

Zoo Lights was quite enjoyable a couple of weeks ago.

  photo DSC06684_zpsa73347a9.jpg

 photo DSC06685_zps93a3fe24.jpg

 photo DSC06686_zps8155f94d.jpg

 photo DSC06691_zpsf69414d9.jpg

 photo DSC06696_zpscd9c3eb0.jpg

 photo DSC06701_zps8b5b2ada.jpg

 photo DSC06708_zpsf3aeeedd.jpg

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