Broadway Streetscape Project Photo Update

I’ve a lot of large posts I want to put together….however these photos I took a couple of weeks ago are getting stale, so I need to finish posting them!

Here’s quick look at the Broadway streetscape project. I took some photos a few weeks earlier, and construction has moved slowly. Mind you, the entire project has moved slowly. Here’s the times I’ve written about it, excluding the above link:

September 2011: Project announced
September 2011: Full details   – Construction scheduled for 2012 (lols)
July 2013: Comparison with LA Broadway streetscape project

And here is what the construction looked like in January of this year:

Windshield perspective, driving south from Divisadero
 photo DSC06898_zps6bfc0b1d.jpg

Not much going on at this GV Urban project, where we parked to take pictures
 photo DSC06900_zpsef1567ce.jpg

 photo DSC06901_zps879fb48c.jpg

Did a walk around the block. Nothing much of note, except this fun sign
 photo DSC06915_zps8a8d3ab0.jpg

Returning to Broadway
 photo DSC06919_zps5ff76cd5.jpg

Supposedly, this project is to help pedestrians, but there were ZERO ped accommodations for construction. “Sidewalk closed” ….. on all four corners at some intersections.

 photo DSC06920_zps765a55f7.jpg

Looking north

 photo DSC06921_zps953b51e9.jpg

Looking south. I was told streets generate commerce and business? And yet one can stand here all day…

 photo DSC06922_zps59163cd5.jpg

As I said, no temporary accommodation for peds. If you’re in a wheelchair, you’re screwed….and so if Fresno if they get sued.

 photo DSC06923_zpsdd73b2fb.jpg

 photo DSC06924_zps5abfb40b.jpg

 We take a brief detour….this alley needs streetscape improvements

 photo DSC06926_zps1b954cc2.jpg

High speed rail construction is still not underway

 photo DSC06933_zps3a6f0d6e.jpg

And a frequent topic of conversation on this blog…

 photo DSC06934_zps13d67e51.jpg

Looking back at Broadway

 photo DSC06935_zps639f39b0.jpg

 photo DSC06936_zps4ea1ca78.jpg

Walking north

 photo DSC06937_zpse8cd8039.jpg

I do not believe that this is open weeknights.

 photo DSC06938_zps176ca3fe.jpg

 photo DSC06939_zps735a859b.jpg

 photo DSC06940_zps99b0af75.jpg

 photo DSC06941_zps7ffc5463.jpg

I’m very disappointed with the ramp choice. Look how narrow the walkways are, just the bare minimum. Forget about walking next to someone.

 photo DSC06942_zpsc030145a.jpg

And as I’ve mentioned before, going with pull-in parking was a huge mistake

 photo DSC06943_zps73f7ebc3.jpg

It doesn’t appear that any accommodations for the bus stops are being included? 

 photo DSC06944_zps8942b6d6.jpg

And back to the GV Urban lot

 photo DSC06945_zps97dc1d9c.jpg

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures. This project should wrap up soon, and provide plenty of free parking for those using the Rainbow Ballroom.

Bonus: I was asked about the First 5 Fresno construction by the library. Taken the same day.

 photo DSC06956_zps52be93e5.jpg
 photo DSC06957_zps8a7b205d.jpg
 photo DSC06958_zps38228424.jpg

7 Replies to “Broadway Streetscape Project Photo Update”

  1. Try these…

    My main worry is that these lights are not providing anywhere near the amount of light that Shaw Ave. needs according to ANSI. The street could be, and probably is, woefully underlit.It was underlit before, but now it could be worse. The lights from the parking lots spilling into the street is not a good thing. It's light tresspass. The street lighting needs to be the dominant lighting in this case and not the 'supplementary' light.

  2. It's disappointing because the city had, and still does have, the opportunity to do so much better. I saw full cutoff led streetlights in San Jose that impressed me. The shielding on the lights was so good you didn't even see the light source unless you were under it, and despite being almost level with the fixture on the highway, the sheilding was so good that the light source was barely visible. The light intensity also seemed just right. It was just enough light to see the street, but not so much that it was overwhelming. Their dayform wasn't bad either.

  3. The lights in San Jose were almost dreamlike. Appropriate adequacy is what I want for Fresno. It's not a goal so far away that is hopelessly out of bounds. It's a bit closer, in certain cases then you may think.

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