Construction on Droge building progressing slowly

In 2012, the city, via the housing authority, moved forward on the process to tear down the old Droge building and erect a modern four story apartment building. A neighboring building (one which a couple of my family members worked in for many years) was also demolished. This is an interesting building as it’s going up with less parking spaces than is “normal.” And yes, people complained that would cause issues, even though a large garage sits across the street, which is always 99% empty at night.

As an aside: If you’re going to an event at Saroyan or Selland, they charge $8 (or $6?) for parking at the convention center garage. The spiral garage pictured is free after 6pm and all weekends, and is only two blocks away. They do however charge for stadium events (and I’d assume you could park at the convention center garage for free). This is how I know the garage is 99% empty at night.

Last summer, I stopped by the site shortly after the demolition.

A couple of weeks ago, I visited the site again to see the progress.

The good news: They are actually building something, so the Droge wasn’t torn down for a failed attempt. The cynic in my wondered if that would be the case.
The bad news: Construction is progressing slowly.

Have a look:

 photo DSC06948_zpsc22ac566.jpg

 photo DSC06949_zpsa12e915b.jpg

 photo DSC06950_zpsc221a8f7.jpg

This will soon be hidden

 photo DSC06951_zpsb18342f5.jpg

I’m not an architect, but this is an odd space.

 photo DSC06952_zps54cb8e1c.jpg

 photo DSC06953_zpsf23e6cd8.jpg

 photo DSC06954_zps047a0974.jpg

 photo DSC06955_zps613fa606.jpg

Hopefully there’s more building to look at in a couple of months. Depending on how cheaply this is built, it might open before the end of the year.

Bonus: This looks new, and very attractive.
 photo DSC06947_zpsedf7ffd9.jpg

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  1. Had an opportunity to hear from Preston Prince, the CEO of the housing authority. He stated that construction will be completed by October 2014. I will note having seen the building yesterday that the pace of construction has picked up.

    Also, that mural is facing the CVS parking lot. It is visible on Van Ness between Merced and Tuolumne Streets.

  2. This is the First 5 headquarters and child development center being constructed.
    Also 830 Van Ness is almost complete. This is a building being converted from offices to housing. They were taking down the construction screen yesterday.

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