A look at construction at First 5 Fresno’s new “Lighthouse” headquarters

I don’t think I’ve done a picture update on this project before, and it’s moving quickly. You may have heard about it in the Bee because of controversy regarding an underfunded organization spending millions on a new building. I believe their current headquarters are on Shaw.

Their new building will be located downtown on Tulare and N, just south of the library. It used to be a parking lot, so this is a plus to the area. I was disappointed when they announced it would only be two and three floors, but it doesn’t look bad in person, as each floor is pretty tall.

Here’s the render:

 photo DSC00017_zps2c283d25.jpg

Part of the reason construction is moving so fast is because there’s nothing underground. Let’s take a look. Pictures taken as a full loop around the project.

 photo DSC00002_zps76eb17ab.jpg

 photo DSC00004_zpsbf604bc6.jpg

From the library side of the block

 photo DSC00005_zps01722542.jpg

 photo DSC00006_zps22f9902f.jpg

 photo DSC00007_zps1c979a0e.jpg

 photo DSC00008_zps5087bc93.jpg

They will have surface parking in the back, adjacent to the library lot

 photo DSC00010_zps3fa1bd35.jpg

 photo DSC00011_zpsd6ce017a.jpg

Creating a new street wall

 photo DSC00013_zps706de60f.jpg

Like all Fresno projects, no accommodations for sidewalk users

 photo DSC00015_zpsd8995c1c.jpg

  photo DSC00016_zps1e011542.jpg

The “lighthouse” end

 photo DSC00018_zps0fee9cf1.jpg

 photo DSC00019_zps6f578416.jpg

I swear it wasn’t me who knocked down their fences! I was surprised how little was going on at the ground level. I don’t even see where elevators go.

 photo DSC00020_zps6add7a78.jpg

 photo DSC00021_zps9cb276d6.jpg

 photo DSC00022_zps56c3edb0.jpg

 photo DSC00026_zps39ebab5f.jpg

And nearby, work is underway on a street. Don’t know if it’s just basic work or anything interesting.

 photo DSC00023_zpsfff8399d.jpg

 photo DSC00025_zpsea49fdf0.jpg

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