Construction on Droge building well underway!

When I last took pictures of the Droge development in downtown Fresno, it was February, and I was worried about how slow things were progressing. The new residential building was scheduled to replace a century old building that was demolished last year. I was concerned it would be another case of a failed project, leaving behind an empty lot. I also have a special attachment to this project because I have family members who worked for many years in a smaller building which was also demolished. My first experiences downtown as a young kid were at that building, and also parking there to go to events at the Saroyan.

Fortunately, my concern was misplaced. Construction is well underway and the building is looking quite nice. I have some photo updates coming up for other downtown developments, and I will be starting here because I am excited about this building the most.

Aside from looking quite nice so far, the corner is prominent. Many people who rarely venture downtown use the spiral garage to go to stadium events. That means their first impression has gone from a building falling apart, to urban renewal. Helps shake away the “nobody goes downtown” reputation if a nice looking apartment building with lights on sits across the street. 

The project is at Van Ness and Inyo. 

The construction is immediately obvious next to the iconic parking garage. Even better: It’s not dwarfed by the parking.

 photo DSC09980_zps1acd6748.jpg

You immediately notice that unlike the GV Urban projects, this one is four stories. The difference between 3 and 4 may seem small, but from the street, it makes a world of difference. Especially at a corner. I’m excited to see the additional architectural element on top.

 photo DSC09981_zpsf69118dd.jpg

The building is also not flat, which gives it a lot of texture

 photo DSC09982_zpsa0eaa18f.jpg

The parcel is large enough that a courtyard exists in the middle, to provide everyone with light. This also helps the walking experience.

 photo DSC09983_zps47090ed7.jpg

 photo DSC09984_zps6e6b4c19.jpg

 photo DSC09985_zpsd839f4e7.jpg

Like the GV projects, no improvements are being made to the alley. However, unlike those which include nasty driveways, here the few cars that will be parked in the building will enter through the alley. Additional parking will be possible in the underused garage next door.

 photo DSC09986_zpsf5f9b3c1.jpg

 photo DSC09987_zps4f7e7348.jpg

 photo DSC09989_zpsdd0c14d3.jpg

 photo DSC09991_zps06be62be.jpg

From here, it even seems larger than the garage! 

 photo DSC09988_zpsf963f0fa.jpg

The building extends right to the sidewalk. This might not be great if trees don’t fit.

 photo DSC09990_zps67b07ad7.jpg

Also like the GV projects, zero accommodations were made for pedestrians during construction.

 photo DSC09994_zpsd1ae2b37.jpg

 photo DSC09995_zpsf57057b8.jpg

 photo DSC09997_zpse2ff02a9.jpg

Next door, what has been many restaurants. Right now, it’s closed again. Maybe the added activity and visibility will make a restaurant here profitable?

 photo DSC09996_zpse4c8b2bd.jpg

 photo DSC09998_zps2aff5952.jpg

 photo DSC09999_zps8e0b0ce7.jpg

And here’s what it should look like before the end of the year!

 photo DSC09993_zps082577fa.jpg

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