Two years later: Clovis crosswalk STILL not done

How can you tell that a city prioritizes vehicles over pedestrians? Clovis might be revealing their hand with this absurd level of incompetence.

In the past two years, they’ve added well over ten miles of lanes in widened roads, installed and began operating multiple new stop lights, and resurfaced various streets.

And yet they can’t quite finish a single crosswalk that connects an elementary school, a church, and two residential neighborhoods. I guess the safety of children in no one near as important as adding new lanes in rarely used places.

You might remember back in April of 2012, when I looked at the slow construction. A year ago, in June of 2013, I went back and saw that the safety component of the project – the lights embedded in the pavement – had still not been activated.

Here we are in June of 2014 and it’s still not done.

To add insult to injury, while the other four crosswalks with lighting in Clovis are automated, this one requires pushing a button, which has never been uncovered.

 photo DSC09469_zps704d58a6.jpg

 photo DSC09471_zps1c680bca.jpg

They did find the time to install a blatantly false sign, which forgets the state law on crosswalks (yes, cross traffic is required to stop when you use the crosswalk)

 photo DSC09470_zps688628e6.jpg

There’s no light above the crosswalk, contrary to state standards, so it can be hard to see at night without the embedded pavement lights working. The elementary school is on the left, the church is on the right. A trail runs next to the church connecting to a residential area.

 photo DSC09472_zpsc05b70e1.jpg

What a sad state of affairs.

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