Pictures of newly extended Enterprise Trail in Clovis

I’m still making my way through a backlog of pictures. These were taken last month.

I’m looking at a new section of the Enterprise Trail in Clovis. I previously looked at it before here.

Construction happened very quickly, but it’s a very odd trail. Goes absolutely nowhere. In this map I showed before, the green was the existing, and the orange is new.

There was one modification, a section of trail was built from the end of
the orange line to the west, where the road dead ends. Thats a shopping
center with a Mcdonalds, Starbucks, etc. I believe that section is temporary.

We start at that little shopping thing, looking west. It’s just a sidewalk.

 photo DSC09701_zps193aa1ea.jpg

A 180 turn and it looks like a trail, this was built when the shopping was.

 photo DSC09703_zps8c7a2c7d.jpg

Looking back again, an extremely unfriendly crossing

 photo DSC09702_zpscfc53616.jpg

Looking from above, you’ll note the dismal connectivity to the shops.

 photo canal1_zps20f33f5b.png

This thing was built, and it looks very useless

 photo DSC09718_zpsddea51ea.jpg

Onto the trail then.

 photo DSC09704_zps0b3554df.jpg

 photo DSC09706_zps6268ca67.jpg

Freeway 168 off to the side. Why on earth wasn’t the planned trail crossing built from day 1?

 photo DSC09707_zpsea0247a9.jpg

 Here is where what I think is the temporary connection meets what I think is permanent. Why? Because this section we just saw will run next to the road, so it will probably be made with concrete once the road goes in. The section off to the left will probably stay asphalt. I think it’s permanent because they installed lights – which surprised me.

 photo DSC09710_zpsbc0732f7.jpg

 Only the lights and trees hint at any difference

 photo DSC09711_zps3c0ab239.jpg

  photo DSC09712_zpsf18e8c3c.jpg

Looking back at the shopping

 photo DSC09717_zps2030f7ab.jpg

 Looking back at the highway, one day this will continue straight over or under the highway, to the hospital

 photo DSC09713_zps275f5c12.jpg

Moving on then

 photo DSC09715_zps4c9377d0.jpg

 Lets skip way forward and get to the other end, where the road just swings back to Temperance. Maybe by the time this trail is useful the trees will have grown in.

 photo DSC09734_zps97394bab.jpg

It goes by the canal

 photo DSC09733_zps01a09684.jpg

And very close to this building

 photo DSC09731_zpsb2d97edb.jpg

 photo DSC09730_zpsa888414b.jpg

And here it meets the street. Surprise surprise, no access to the bike lane

 photo DSC09728_zps97c38149.jpg

Just a sidewalk

 photo DSC09727_zpse824b026.jpg

From the sidewalk

 photo DSC09726_zpsedd39399.jpg

Looking across the street. No crosswalk to continue on the canal path.

 photo DSC09722_zps938c2e94.jpg

 photo DSC09723_zps0202914e.jpg

But naturally the road is getting widened

 photo DSC09724_zps96404ffe.jpg

Just to clarify…

here you see the new trail end. How do you get across?

 photo canal2_zpse980f9e3.png

If you try to go north on the sidewalk you find this

 photo DSC09738_zps952185f4.jpg

New sidewalk under construction. Very odd, it gets wide like the trails, but not where the new trail is

 photo DSC09739_zps103f81e4.jpg

Widening, widening everywhere

 photo DSC09744_zps0ca8e5dc.jpg

 photo DSC09746_zpse62602ae.jpg

BONUS: This corner had already existed….with two ramps.

Now they’re just building one. WTF?

 photo DSC09742_zps9f6fbf20.jpg
 photo canal3_zpsf45c2ff8.png

So much fail.

Next update will be the new trailhead for the Enterprise Trail and the Dry Creek Trail.

2 Replies to “Pictures of newly extended Enterprise Trail in Clovis”

  1. The temporary trail near the shopping center is now impacted by construction. The street is being extended to create access to another restaurant building under construction between the freeway and McDonalds and a child care center under construction across the street from McDonalds. It will be interesting to see the trail/sidewalk design upon completion of that construction.

    The street widening is partially due to an office complex going in on the corner. The complex is on one of the two parcels that exist in the gap between old and new trail sections. That will likely mean a little more trail constructed but how I don't know the design planned for crossing Nees.

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