Quick look at new trailhead construction in Clovis

It’s embarrassing how long it has taken me to get these pictures up, but I’m almost done! What that means is that construction will be much further along than noted, but thee pictures give a good idea of the space being taken up.

I’m talking about a new trailhead being built for the Dry Creek Trail, and eventually (maybe), the Enterprise trail.

This map shows the existing Dry Creek Trail in blue, and the enterprise trail in purple. The dotted section has a property in the way, so we may be looking at 10+ years for that to happen.

The trailhead parcel is quite large

We start across the canal

 photo DSC09748_zps643b2e6d.jpg

 photo DSC09749_zpscbf36de4.jpg

Dry Creek indeed…

 photo DSC09750_zps2497cbdb.jpg

It’s an interesting piece of trail architecture

 photo DSC09753_zps1d8492f6.jpg

Sadly, because neighbors complained, the park is walled in!

 photo DSC09755_zps2ee5891c.jpg

 photo DSC09754_zpsc11334a6.jpg

 photo DSC09756_zpsdbe74a80.jpg

This is part of the canal access road, and not the trail

 photo DSC09757_zps2fd4062d.jpg

Looking backwards

 photo DSC09758_zps151cc146.jpg

We reach Shepherd which has wide sidewalks

 photo DSC09761_zps1ea21047.jpg

This will be a meandering trail sidewalk, rather than against the roadway

 photo DSC09762_zps87dd2c6a.jpg

 photo DSC09763_zpsac228137.jpg

 photo DSC09767_zpsa19935a5.jpg

 photo DSC09768_zps76985b9b.jpg

And then looking down Sunnyside

 photo DSC09769_zps97f92439.jpg

 photo DSC09771_zps2a8be0c6.jpg

This canal access road gets you to the existing Enterprise Trail. Crosswalk? Of course not

 photo DSC09772_zpsf3992ff9.jpg

And this is what it will look like

2 Replies to “Quick look at new trailhead construction in Clovis”

    1. They complained that the people using the parking lot will have their brights shining into their windows.

      Never mind that people coming to use the trail are more likely to be there at 9am, than 9pm.

      And the adjacent homes arent even near by.

      But the behind the scenes reason is that access to trails = more people on trails = more people near their homes = THOSE PEOPLE will break in. Fortunately the city knows this isn't true.

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