A look at the construction of the Chaffee Zoo expansion (picture tour)

It’s been just over a year since I posted a picture tour of the construction ongoing at Roeding Park. The construction is removing a significant amount of public park space to create an expanded zoo, with more parking.

Let’s take a look at how that’s going.

What I considered the main entrance, on Belmont, is closed off to vehicles. In red, is the fenced off area, where construction is onoging. The yellow line is the walking tour I took, along the fence. You can still park on Belmont and walk in via small entrances. The Ps are future parking, in what is parkland today.  Note the massive dirt lot across the street on the bottom, with the blue x. That could have made a perfect parking lot, while saving park space. But no.

 photo roeding1_zps6947bb9c.jpg

So in we go. This is how you get in. Super inviting right?

 photo IMG_1157_8176_zpsb5406a79.jpg

 photo IMG_1155_8174_zpsca3ef3bf.jpg

 photo IMG_1117_8136_zpsb1d0f454.jpg

I arrived at the end of the work day

 photo IMG_1114_8133_zpsf1be2356.jpg

 photo IMG_1113_8132_zpsf3cd5499.jpg

 photo IMG_1116_8135_zps581bb5e9.jpg

To the right of the construction fence, there’s still some park available… but it’s really inaccessible. You cannot park on Golden State and access the park.

 photo IMG_1115_8134_zps8458c5e3.jpg

 As an aside, I believe the Belmont Rotary seen here will be disappearing soon, with High Speed Rail construction. I’d assume they’d turn it into a standard intersection.

 photo IMG_1118_8137_zps30711dee.jpg

 photo IMG_1119_8138_zpsba2d6e29.jpg

 photo IMG_1120_8139_zpse4f914fe.jpg

 photo IMG_1121_8140_zps3d838d79.jpg

The highlight of this trip is the number of mature trees left standing. I can only hope they will remain.

 photo IMG_1124_8143_zps259456c5.jpg

 photo IMG_1122_8141_zpse8a1f646.jpg

Looking backwards

 photo IMG_1126_8145_zps0edaf55d.jpg

Construction on some buildings

 photo IMG_1123_8142_zpsd3296583.jpg

  photo IMG_1125_8144_zps622f380e.jpg

  photo IMG_1127_8146_zpsd0234cdd.jpg

  photo IMG_1129_8148_zps6c4f0d67.jpg

  photo IMG_1130_8149_zps4cebc3eb.jpg

Ok, continuing with many more pictures after the jump here…

 These are really tall

 photo IMG_1128_8147_zps5ce36fa1.jpg

 photo IMG_1132_8151_zpsd6ac0f07.jpg

 photo IMG_1131_8150_zpscb0617cb.jpg

 photo IMG_1134_8153_zps1649cc1a.jpg

 photo IMG_1135_8154_zps20d97018.jpg

One of the most disagreeable parts of the zoo expansion, to me, is the removal of the dog parks. Roeding Park has the largest dog parks in Fresno, and they have significantly more grass and trees than the ones at Woodward Park. Fortunately, they still exist – for now. I’ve seen no information as to when they will be closed.

 photo IMG_1133_8152_zps9aa511a5.jpg

  photo IMG_1136_8155_zpsd2a744a3.jpg

 photo IMG_1137_8156_zps1851cff2.jpg

Not much of a crowd

 photo IMG_1138_8157_zps0b732daf.jpg

 photo IMG_1139_8158_zps36075138.jpg

 photo IMG_1141_8160_zps80f6ad4b.jpg

This fountain does not work

 photo IMG_1142_8161_zpse72eeafc.jpg

Looking into the construction area again, from the corner of the dog parks and the existing zoo

 photo IMG_1143_8162_zps3e2582e3.jpg

  photo IMG_1145_8164_zps45dd0e94.jpg

  photo IMG_1144_8163_zps42e5ae43.jpg

  photo IMG_1146_8165_zps8ffcbfa5.jpg

 Golden State, no pedestrian access

 photo IMG_1147_8166_zpse15d666e.jpg

 photo IMG_1150_8169_zps627a51e3.jpg

Walking back to Belmont

 photo IMG_1149_8168_zpsf784a911.jpg

 photo IMG_1148_8167_zps0c65fa5d.jpg

 photo IMG_1151_8170_zps525d239b.jpg

In some sections, theres not much space to walk. Not inviting at all

 photo IMG_1153_8172_zps6b0ef5bb.jpg

By the way, from Belmont it looks like the park is closed

 photo IMG_1156_8175_zps8c4ffaa3.jpg

 photo IMG_1158_8177_zps32332762.jpg

That’s it for Roeding Park and the zoo.

Bonus…I’d never been to Kearney Park. It looks a lot like Roeding Park.

 photo IMG_1159_8178_zpsbcf70ebb.jpg

 photo IMG_1161_8180_zps226bda96.jpg

Just as well cared for

 photo IMG_1162_8181_zpsfad375c3.jpg

 photo IMG_1163_8182_zps0e6961ce.jpg

Just as crowded

 photo IMG_1165_8184_zpscbafd754.jpg

 Just as confusing

 photo IMG_1167_8186_zpsa945e72d.jpg

 photo IMG_1168_8187_zps03e70050.jpg

But it works

 photo IMG_1171_8190_zps922b7dcb.jpg

 photo IMG_1172_8191_zps9530b33d.jpg

 photo IMG_1173_8192_zps654d3eda.jpg

 photo IMG_1175_8194_zpsc1e725a8.jpg

 photo IMG_1178_8197_zps4b5e0eb6.jpg

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  1. great article please know that the belmont entrance is still open. you should go all the way around next time. the dog park is going to be moved to another spot.

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