Droge Building construction almost done (photo tour)

The last time this blog visited the site of the Droge Building, on the corner of Van Ness and Inyo, it was June 2014 and the wooden frame was up. A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by to see what is almost the final product. Exterior anyway, the interior won’t be done until this summer.

Unlike every other residential project downtown, this one stands at 4 stories, and you can really feel the difference from the 2-3 that GV Urban builds. The extra height really makes the corner feel more urban. Also, as this project was done by the Fresno Housing Authority, we get a unique facade, and not the recycled one used by GV.

Even better – no surface parking, which usually takes up most of the GV lots. There is a small garage, which residents can access through the existing alley, and not a new driveway. However, that’s only a few spaces, as there is a public garage directly across the street which residents will be able to rent a space in.

Incidentally, the project is actually called “City View at Van Ness.” Droge was the name of the building that was demolished, but I used the same in the title for consistency. 

Let’s take a look:

Prominent look at the corner, good color scheme

 photo IMG_1498_8900_zpsayr7jpce.jpg

I love the balconies

 photo IMG_1499_8901_zpsikxh9e7n.jpg

Spiral garage visible on the left

  photo IMG_1500_8902_zpshlwbp0na.jpg

  photo IMG_1501_8903_zpsz03mc6as.jpg

Sadly, like all downtown projects, the street lights continue to suck. However, the accent sidewalk lighting looks very good

 photo IMG_1502_8904_zpst6nladt5.jpg

The building has an interior courtyard

 photo IMG_1503_8905_zps5m5p2mr1.jpg

 photo IMG_1504_8906_zpsghnejfgb.jpg

Alley and garage visible on the side

 photo IMG_1505_8907_zpsiweranlr.jpg

 photo IMG_1506_8908_zpspmevvn7h.jpg

  photo IMG_1507_8909_zps9um6xjgc.jpg

Ok, continuing with many more pictures after the jump here…

Sidewalk is much wider than the GV projects, but not very green

 photo IMG_1508_8910_zpsa9qbjvd7.jpg

These balconies face the alley

 photo IMG_1509_8911_zpsw5jra9zn.jpg

The garage

 photo IMG_1510_8912_zps61fr6znt.jpg

Rest of alley

 photo IMG_1511_8913_zps3bwflsrl.jpg

 photo IMG_1512_8914_zpsaz8jy7wb.jpg

Fresno continues their policy of closing the sidewalk for no reason

 photo IMG_1513_8915_zps9hqstnug.jpg

The street level is decent enough

 photo IMG_1514_8916_zpsewzhwzh6.jpg

 photo IMG_1515_8917_zpsw9glvhs4.jpg

Looking up at their private courtyard

 photo IMG_1516_8918_zps20noffd6.jpg

 photo IMG_1517_8919_zpsvfurbfqk.jpg

The Van Ness side is built for retail

 photo IMG_1518_8920_zpsye6w2jbl.jpg

 photo IMG_1519_8921_zpsdlbtgath.jpg

The building closest to the camera is a very lovely two story restaurant space, which sadly has gone out of business twice.

 photo IMG_1520_8922_zps4wzykbbv.jpg

 photo IMG_1521_8923_zpsvg0xx6os.jpg

 photo IMG_1523_8925_zpsowcghqql.jpg

From the garage

 photo IMG_1526_8928_zpsyaxr6tol.jpg

 photo IMG_1528_8930_zpsrfcj7lua.jpg

 photo IMG_1529_8931_zpsjyjytthr.jpg

  photo IMG_1532_8934_zpseko49jdv.jpg

 A short walk to the courthouse

 photo IMG_1534_8936_zpsn1wapf9y.jpg

It looks like shortly after I made my visit, they took down the fencing. The official twitter page had this image recently:

 photo droge_zpsdnljhexi.jpg

There’s an official website available, which includes floor plans, but no pricing.

There will be studio, one bedroom and two bedroom units, and what appears to be the world’s smallest fitness room. I’m sure they’ll post interior shots in the next few months.


Anyone know what goes on in this building? Sounded like a party.

 photo IMG_1538_8940_zpsxpiwdlmk.jpg

Fulton Mall from spiral garage

 photo IMG_1543_8945_zpsydv1qxks.jpg

 photo IMG_1546_8948_zpscqfjjfhy.jpg

Supposedly, someone is going to develop that lot

 photo IMG_1547_8949_zpsaduzifho.jpg

 The garage is 100% free….and 100% empty on weekends.

 photo IMG_1525_8927_zpsgvketi3m.jpg

 photo IMG_1531_8933_zpslrl8kv1a.jpg

 One day Fulton Mall will be open to cars, and look just as lovely at Fulton Street

 photo IMG_1552_8954_zps3w5cwqx1.jpg

I didn’t realize there was a beer garden here

 photo IMG_1553_8955_zpsdugvbye2.jpg

 photo IMG_1557_8959_zpsx4iwyexm.jpg

They need to work on this elevator if they want the residents to feel safe. Just on of 8 lights was working

 photo IMG_1560_8962_zpsunofvupq.jpg

And random:
 photo IMG_1497_8899_zpsuwtszdcy.jpg

Many more photos coming soon.

10 Replies to “Droge Building construction almost done (photo tour)”

  1. Oh that looks nice. It kind of reminds me of San Diego. It's good to see some progressive thinking in Fresno like not making a sea of surface parking for a small development. Building higher is another big plus. The facade is lively and modern. Some of the lighting is full cutoff. Also, those cobraheads could easily be upgraded to full cutoff induction lights with a CCT that makes them look like incandescent light.

  2. The Bee is highlighting the 10 new apartments in the old Pilibos building, 2 doors down from these apartments on the old Droge site.

    The building with music would be the Californian.
    It's now Senior housing.

    Surprised you didn't know about the Tioga-Sequoia's beer garden. Some nice events held there such as live bands, hosts one of the venues for the Fresno Urban Sound Experience festival.

    1. Thanks for those links!

      The beer garden apparently opened in April and I hadn't seen it. I have been to the other downtown brewery though, they have a large stage setup

  3. Yes I agree I like the Cityview plan/appearance. The City is gonna have to upgrade the streetlights to make them LED and BRIGHTER so peds will feel safe walking at night. I also love the urban/industrial vibe of the building. Too bad they will have to use that old dilapidated spiral garage thats sinfully ugly…but its already there so y tear it down and build a new one right?(sarcasm*) the better improve the parking garage lights and also in the elevator. Ive been n that elevator at night and it IS spooky. And yes James I think the beergarden ur referring to is T/S brewery. They have a stage n the back for shows and the also give walking tour of their brewery.

  4. Oh yea, and about that BEAUTIFUL spot next to Cityview formerly Heros then Austins. What a damn shame. That place is AWESOME inside. I bet a million bux that if someone cud pick that whole building up and plop it down at riverpark somewhere that place wud BLOWUP in popularity! But its demise was its location. Just my opinion. I hate riverpark BUT thats prime locAtion. Hopefully somebody will invest mony in it AGAIN and put a new name n theme on the building.

  5. Found a nice read on modern street lighting.


    This bit really plays into Fresno. You mentioned previously a street lighting system should be built with redundancies so lights can fail without it affecting the quality of the light well…

    The practice of "spot relamping" (only replacing failed lamps) may seem economical compared to group relamping (where many operating lamps are removed all at once). In reality, group relamping is more economical. It is generally done at 70% of the rated life of your lamps under the operating conditions you have. A crew is equipped and dispatched to do all the lamps in a system at once, saving the time of gathering equipment on an irregular but, as the lamps age, frequent basis. All lamps lose output over time due to lumen depreciation and dirt accumulation on the lamp and fixture. When a system is installed it is designed to produce a specific light level and even distribution of light. With spot re-lamping not all lamps will be producing the same amount, and uneven distribution occurs. With spot re-lamping it is not uncommon for a system to be producing only 50-60% of the light intended. Sometimes extra fixtures are "built-in" to account for this—however, that entails additional expense….

  6. Just as a little bit of an extra bonus, watch Portland put both Fresno and Clovis to shame. It's a PDF. Basically the City rebuilt a street and made it more or less of an 'ideal' test site for street light fixtures. They really did double duty on this one creating both a test site and improving the infrastructure. I do believe some of the smaller facets are a bit erroneous, like the oddly overt favoritism to 4000k light and the actual efficiency of HPS, but it's interesting to see a street lit up in such a way.


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