Old Town Clovis Bike Trail Missing Gap Complete!

I’ve been wanting to share these exciting pictures for some time now, but had serious internet issues at home that caused my picture uploads to keep failing. Fortunately the internet company has finally fixed the problem. The pictures are no longer hot off the presses, but they’re still very exciting, and I haven’t seen any pictures posted elsewhere.

The longest bike trail in the Fresno area runs from Riverpark, up along Shepherd, and then down across Clovis, ending south of Sierra Vista Mall. It’s a great recreational asset, a lot of fun to ride, and great for commuting too. It’s known as the Sugar Pine Trail and also the Old Town Trail.

Originally it was a rail line, which is why it cuts across town. Sadly, at some point after the rail line was abandoned, and before the bike trail was built, Clovis allowed a parking lot to be built across the right of way near Old Town. That meant that for over a decade, there was a gap in the trail.

The gap wasn’t particularly onerous – a two block detour on a quiet street with bike lanes. Unfortunately, there was zero signage indicating that the trail continued, and while the bike lanes were fine for me, they’re a no-go for many riders. Not too many families riding with kids on training wheels would be comfortable on an on-street bike lane.

You can find an extensive picture review I did of the previous conditions here.

The gap before, this is where the path suddenly ended coming from the south:

What you had to do at the southern end:

Northern end was much worse:

The solution was obvious. I made these in 2012.

And that’s almost exactly what they built!

In September 2013, the city approved plans to build a connection.

In April 2014, the plans were released.

Construction happened during the fall.  Overall, the trail looks great, except for one very significant flaw…Let’s take a look!

Riding from the south, we approach the area…

 photo IMG_1286_8688_zpsbxisrfxd.jpg

 Almost there…

 photo IMG_1287_8689_zpszloslfdj.jpg

And there it is! The old crosswalk stays the same, but now the trail continues beyond. Oddly, the building that was on the lot has disappeared.

 photo IMG_1291_8693_zpsatrvbd8y.jpg

Visibility continues to be poor approaching the crosswalk though, but that was always the case:

 photo IMG_1290_8692_zps81g0gl7t.jpg

And there we go. Unlike other sections of trail, here they decided to separate the two directions of travel with trees and lights. It’s a shared space, also used as a sidewalk. However, aside from Big Hat Days and Rodeo Days, one never finds people on the sidewalk here, so conflicts won’t be an issue. 

 photo IMG_1292_8694_zpswxzfjyn7.jpg

Good, wide ramp.

 photo IMG_1293_8695_zpsefqom50a.jpg

New lights…don’t really fit any scheme though. odd choice.

 photo IMG_1294_8696_zpsdnjrr7od.jpg

Benches and trash cans added in center area

 photo IMG_1295_8697_zps6a6urdzx.jpg

One still needs to be careful on the trail due to driveway crossings

 photo IMG_1296_8698_zpsmh2z2hvh.jpg

 photo IMG_1297_8699_zpsgvbzpzva.jpg

Water fountain is conveniently between both travel directions. Also, make note of how close the lights are to each other. Near the end of the post, I have pictures of them at night. 

 photo IMG_1298_8700_zpsptohe7rf.jpg

I wasn’t the only user

 photo IMG_1299_8701_zpsv5s1xgn6.jpg

Halfway down, there’s a T-intersection. The good news is, they DID built one ramp. The bad news is, they only built one, and decided not to paint a crosswalk. The current planning/engineering team at Clovis does not believe in crosswalks, and actually removed three on Clovis Avenue.

 photo IMG_1301_8703_zpsbdmlqq7x.jpg

Stepping back, you can see they built a bulb out for the crosswalk

 photo IMG_1300_8702_zpsq2d08bj7.jpg

Ramp is fine, but no crosswalk

 photo IMG_1303_8705_zpswmuhgltz.jpg

The other crosswalk, not so good

 photo IMG_1304_8706_zpsu71ws4fi.jpg

 photo IMG_1305_8707_zpsgdnohkq4.jpg

 The other side of the street got sidewalk extensions as well, but they couldn’t be bothered to orient the ramps properly

 photo IMG_1331_8733_zpsbgui7val.jpg

Continuing on…

 photo IMG_1306_8708_zps9mukxzhd.jpg

They built the path right up to the existing building. However, see those garage doors?

 photo IMG_1307_8709_zpsptsbciel.jpg

Apparently they’re not used, as the curb cuts were eliminated!

 photo IMG_1309_8711_zpstl5hbf6m.jpg

Now we get to 3rd street, where a new crossing was built, and yes, a painted crosswalk. However, they installed that idiotic sign that contradicts state law (traffic is required to stop for crosswalk users).

 photo IMG_1313_8715_zpsi1an5hbz.jpg

Brief detour…

They used the opportunity to modernize the other ramp, and add some landscaping. Sadly, they didn’t bother to orient the ramp in the proper direction, as requested (but not required) by ADA

 photo IMG_1312_8714_zpsywetbvkt.jpg

Even the area across the street saw some substantial addition, and the road was made narrower!

Compare before (use utility pole as reference to width)

 photo oldtown1_zpscljes0dx.png

and now

 photo IMG_1314_8716_zps8lcfdxw3.jpg

Shame the utility poles weren’t removed.

Ahem, back to the brand new crossing…

There’s new signage for drivers, and you can see the road narrow on both sides

 photo IMG_1315_8717_zpspbq8dovc.jpg

 photo IMG_1317_8719_zpsejumohss.jpg

But they really should have used zebra striping, as recommended by modern design guidelines. The transverse lines are barely visible.

 photo IMG_1318_8720_zpsxtetmad1.jpg

The turn is rather sharp, but there is space, and the ramp is well built. Very wide.

 photo IMG_1319_8721_zpsprhlsxyd.jpg

There is one, very, very serious problem with the crossing though.

Remember all the lights on the trail? Yeah, none here. Zero lights for the road crossing, in any direction. It’s recklessly irresponsible design, and I have some pictures at the end showing it at night. Any pedestrian or cyclist attempting to cross here after dark will be invisible.

Anyway, the new trail continues on this side of the road

 photo IMG_1320_8722_zpsbs7rji1y.jpg

 photo IMG_1321_8723_zpsla2ohvnz.jpg

And connects with where the trail used to suddenly end right here (you can see the different concrete patterns).

 photo IMG_1322_8724_zpsxk2dobpe.jpg

The trail continues for many miles that way…

 photo IMG_1323_8725_zpsci5bz5tb.jpg

Looking back, the trail used to spit you out here

 photo IMG_1326_8728_zpsky9jess0.jpg

And also looking back, we see the crossing from the other direction

 photo IMG_1324_8726_zpsqcxf0cbw.jpg

 photo IMG_1327_8729_zpsre1ms7ep.jpg

So overall, the new trail connection looks very good. Attractive, wide, plenty of amenities, and connects properly in both directions. The driveways are a big shame, and one needs to be careful, but heavens forbid the city lose parking spots for the trail where the right of way used to be. It would be nice to see additional signage at the driveways to warn motorists, but I don’t see it being a big issue.

Except for that one potentially fatal flaw: zero lighting at the new crosswalk.

Let’s take a look at the trail at night. The main trail itself is very well lit, much more so than any other section of the trail actually.(Pictures taken on automatic settings, no manipulation on computer).

 photo IMG_1628_9030_zps1actqfei.jpg

 photo IMG_1629_9031_zpsnuwzobji.jpg

From across the street: 

 photo IMG_1636_9038_zpso4ldfrhi.jpg

Unfortunately the lights point up. This contributes to light pollution and creates shadows below it, which is a poor purchasing choice. However, the lights are still better than any other trail section in the county.

 photo IMG_1631_9033_zpsy7kgnqlu.jpg

 photo IMG_1632_9034_zpshgdkctuy.jpg

The crosswalk on 4th (the t-intersection) has a streetlight, so the lighting is ok.

 photo IMG_1634_9036_zpsbogs3mgu.jpg

 photo IMG_1635_9037_zpsynl8t5en.jpg

But now we reach the crosswalk for 3rd. See any difference?

 photo IMG_1640_9042_zpskowzaxic.jpg

Lets take a step back to compare that again…

 photo IMG_1637_9039_zpsnmcvjnfy.jpg

Look where the lighting ends…right where it’s needed most!

 photo IMG_1639_9041_zpsit5fulac.jpg


 photo IMG_1641_9043_zpszyrvmhf9.jpg

 photo IMG_1642_9044_zpslwngtpbl.jpg

 photo IMG_1644_9046_zpsxdgiid4j.jpg

The section of trail on 3rd has zero lighting too

 photo IMG_1643_9045_zpsltuydjz8.jpg

Until you get to the little rest area (was there before)

 photo IMG_1645_9047_zpsuuz7zko6.jpg

Incidentally, this is how most of the existing trail is lit. There are lights, but set way too far apart.This is an existing section of trail from before.

 photo IMG_1646_9048_zpspmofivhn.jpg

….but the real problem is where the cars are

 photo IMG_1648_9050_zpsi0krfrv6.jpg

Extremely dangerous.

 photo IMG_1650_9052_zps2rl0spj3.jpg

I keep forgetting to write to the city, but I will to see how they plan on fixing this. I encourage others to do the same.The new trail is great, but the lack of lights at the crosswalk ruins it.

The worst part is, I did mentioned this to the city back in 2013, when the plans were still in design. They said they would “look into it”.

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  1. A future opportunity exists for Clovis to improve that 3rd Street crossing.

    In your picture showing the stop sign at the 3rd street crosswalk, the buildings across the street (the taxidermy shop and old barn) are the land recently purchased for a new Clovis library, senior center, and transit center.

    The problem is it will be several years before those projects will be built.

  2. Nice pics. I like seeing new infrastructure. It seems though that Clovis, or PG&E, is still using the 5000k blue rich leds in their street lights.Given it's odd blue color, it's not the most inviting light. It's a dissapointent on my end. I had recommended Clovis use warm white LED street lights some time ago, and it looks like they're still going with the blue rich lights.

  3. James,
    I have tried to locate a means of sending you an email but have been unsuccessful. I would like to visit with you about a blog post you did on Paul Gilchrist and Farmers Market a few years back. I am not sure if this will provide a means of you contacting me so if you can send an email to daveg(at)buzinessasusual.com with a way to reach you, it will be very much appreciated.
    I wasn't aware of your blog until I started searching for the information I needed and gotta say dude; GREAT JOB. Nice perspective and great presentations. I am going to sign up and begin reading your stuff.
    Dave G

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