Don’t miss the giant Catacomb Party this weekend!

The Fulton Mall is going to be packed to the brim this weekend (Saturday, April 4) for a large free (free!) music festival, known as the Catacomb Party, and you won’t want to miss out on it.

 photo catacomb3_zpsrd27pc0n.jpg
A scene from the 2013 edition,

This will be the third edition of the party, and will be by far the biggest one yet. The first edition was in 2012 with a single stage, and I posted a review with some pictures here. It was repeated in 2013, after expanding to 5 stages, before taking 2014 off so the organizers could return bigger and better than ever.
This time around, the party has moved from in front of what was the Fresno Brewing Company (now Peeve’s) to the Mariposa Mall area, which is the central square of the Fulton Mall. That’s usually where the big stage is set up for the Cinco de Mayo festivities, and is where the Ice Skating Rink pops up during the winter.

There will be multiple stages for this edition – 9 total, and is spread out to include acts at the south end of the mall at the Tioga Beer Garden, and also north inside of Peeve’s. The main action will be in the central square area, where the music starts at at noon and runs until 11pm.

Here is the lineup:

 photo catacomb1_zpsoogizfwu.png

And the map:

 photo catacomb2_zpskwrsfusn.png

Google Maps Link

Aside from music, look forward to a collection of the town’s best food trucks, and other vendors.

 photo catacomb4_zpsm1zpnscs.png

Sadly, if the destruction of the mall goes through this fall as planned by the city, this will be the last chance to catch this kind of festival. Even if they try again in 2017 by closing the street, with no trees and limited structure to sit on, it won’t be nearly as pleasant.

As is always the case in Fresno, parking downtown on weekends is free. The enormous underground garage provides the best car temperature, but I like the Broadway lot by Hotel Fresno and the IRS for quick access.  I don’t know if I Bike Fresno is doing their valet service, but there are plenty of racks on the mall to park your bike. Sub-par bus service will be provided by FAX. 

Check out the party website for more details:

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  1. Say James, or anyone else that can help me on this subject. Am I wrong in thinking this?? There should be a "no U turn" sign on the eastbound lane of Shepherd and Perrin? When Im on Perrin going towards Shepherd there's one lane that turns Left and one lane that u can turn either L or R and the far right lane which u can turn R. BUT when the light is red on Perrin, u can still use the center lane or Right lane to turn right. But if u r in the center lane making a right turn onto Shepherd, theres cars that have a green arrow to turne right from Shepherd onto Perrin. So sometimes it puzzles me because although Ive never seen it, but what of u r in the center lane on Perrin making a right hand turn on a res light and another person tryna make a U turn on a green arrow on Shepherd?? Wouldnt that be an accident? Jist wonderjng bcuz theres another similar imtersection on Shepherd and milbrook I think; wheres theres a no U turn sign. This sounds complicated to visualize but damn frustrating. I need clarification. Thanx.

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