Google Sunroof launching in Fresno thanks to an engineer’s mom

Google has gone ahead and launched a really cool new program that shows you how much solar energy potential your rooftop has, how much money you could save, what size you should use, and what it will cost you.

They have a video explaining the project

Problem is, it’s only launching in three cities for now. 

Wouldn’t that be absolutely perfect for Fresno?  After all, the potential for solar energy is ENORMOUS and yet adoption has been so limited.

And wouldn’t you know it, Fresno is included (and most, but not all of Clovis, it ends at Temperance Avenue).

At the end, they explain that it is a limited launch at first. Boston, because that’s where the project team is based, the San Francisco Bay Area, because that’s where Google is, and Fresno “where one of our engineer’s mom is from”

You cant zoom out too much.

 photo sunroof1_zpsp1xcc1ns.png

They want you to find your house, so they can give you personalized numbers.

 photo sunroof2_zpsitlnl5ht.png

 If you scroll down, there’s some more, for example:

Total 20-year cost with solar
Includes above costs and incentives.
Total 20-year cost without solar
Assumes 2.2% annual increase in electricity prices.
Total 20-year savings
Net present value at 4% discount rate: $10,372.

Check it out for yourself, and see what your house potential is.

Hopefully this project helps people get serious about adding solar to their roof.

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