Fresno’s First Tesla Supercharger About to Open

In November I reported that Fresno was finally getting a Tesla Supercharger – high speed electric chargers that can “refuel” a Tesla in 30 minutes. Although originally scheduled for 2015, Tesla missed that goal, although it looks like they’re about ready to open up.

Let’s take a look:

The Supercharger is being installed at Herndon and CA-99, in a new shopping center anchored by Target.

Conveniently placed by plenty of electricity, see the green fence in the background?

Peeking over the fence, here’s what it looks like now, with 10 charging stalls (one didn’t fit in the shot):

Still some minor work left.

Up close:

Stepping back, you can see the site is currently fenced off. However, note that little shed? (Not the ATM)

There’s some heavy duty equipment inside:

Tesla puts these superchargers in shopping areas because while they’re faster than a standard plug (30 minutes vs 8 hours), it’s still much slower to charge than pump some gas. Tesla occupants need something to do while they wait.

Target is a hike across the asphalt.

Some other food places to the right:

And to the left:

My personal favorite, Robertito’s is at the far end of the center. A quick 5 minute walk which seems like miles in the endless burning hot asphalt (thinking of Fresno summers). Most Tesla drivers will probably drive to it and use the drive-thru.

There’s also a McDonald’s and Panda.

Note that Telsa superchargers only work with Tesla vehicles.

While the charger won’t be a huge help for Fresno residents, it will incentive more Tesla owners to use CA-99 rather than I-5 when coming up the valley, and hopefully stopping at more places than this soulless strip mall – such as downtown.

Speaking of soulless, I have another post coming up looking at how this shopping center and the new one on Friant do when it comes to bicycle parking.

Hint: Not well.

11 Replies to “Fresno’s First Tesla Supercharger About to Open”

  1. How about biking out to that strip mall? Biking out there from Fresno on Herndon would be a hair raising experience with traffic blasting by you at expressway speeds coming within inches of flattning you. Trying to get there by alternate routes might not even be realistically feasible given how badly broken the city grid is just south of Herndon.

  2. But seriously though trying to navigate by bike in Fresno is challenging route wise. You frequently end up having to take some really inefficient winding route through suburbia or be marginalizedand ride and the sidewalk on larger arterials which is even more inefficient and highly dangerious. There are some arterials with relatively complete bike lanes , and those are fantastic, nees and cedar come to mind. I do agree that the solid white line is really necessary for a degree of physiological safety.

  3. There are certain instances though where the infrastructure should be beefed up beyond the white lines to hashed traffic buffers on the sides of the lane and green fill in paint for row visibility. Sheilds at 41 imo could go for something like that.

  4. FWIW Tesla has said that they'd be happy to open their Supercharger network up to any other carmaker who wanted to make their cars compatible and pay a fee to Tesla.

    So far no other carmaker has agreed to do so, because the other carmakers are kind of dumb.

  5. This is great that Tesla considered Fresno. I wonder if they see a lot of people commuting from Fresno to say the Bay Area?

    Fresno is 150 miles from San Jose. 140 miles to be exact from downtown sj to about this charging location. A tesla has a range of 230-320 miles depending on the battery you get. And they happen to place it very close right off the 99

    Tesla knew what they were doing. I bet they even checked out the demographics and seeing as all the new homes in the area and the cost, they for sure considered that the folks around this north frenso area are likely potential owners.

    sure hope fresno continues to develop in this manner.

    Do you have any more details when phase 2 of that el paseo mall will start and what will be in there.

  6. It is just great news for the citizens. Now, it would be easier to get our EVs charged easily without need to go to long distance. Tesla has done it well. It was great to hear about it. Thanks for adding the photos. It has made with advanced style, features and design. Really nice! European auto specialist Rancho Cordova.

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