Fresno gets $2.2m for bus stop ADA upgrades

FAX, Fresno’s transit system, received a $2.2 million grant to build ADA upgrades at several stops around town. According to FAX:

The funding will provide an accessible location to wait for the bus and an accessible pathway for passengers to get to and from the sidewalk to a median bus island bus stop.  Improvements include:  adding or enlarging concrete bus stop landings, construction curb cuts, and adding new bus stop amenities such as shelters, benches and trash receptacles.

Fresno Area Express

The agency created a hilariously basic render of what these improvements could look like, which you can see at the top of this post.

The bus stops that have been targeted are mostly in those odd medians between the main roadway and the frontage roads, like this one on Cedar, which is way too narrow:

Cedar Ave. & Richert Ave.

And this one on Ashlan, which is just dirt:

Ashlan Ave. & Ninth St.

It is not clear if these improvements will include a safe way to cross the street, but I am guessing no.

Missing crosswalks

Construction has already begun, but no end date is scheduled. The work is fairly basic, so hopefully it doesn’t last too long.

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  1. This is depressing. No trees, only thing separating you from scorching hot asphalt on a 105 degree day isn’t a whole lot. Not much in the way sound deadening between you and the highway speed car traffic either.

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