Fresno Saturday night bus service has launched

This weekend, FAX, Fresno’s transit agency, added Saturday night service to five lines, with “night” meaning bus runs between 6pm and midnight.

When I posted about it a few weeks ago, the schedules were not posted. I asked FAX about it, and they said they would be uploaded “when the schedules go into effect” which seems like a poor way to get the word out.

Well, the schedules are now in effect, and they can be downloaded at the following links:






Saturday night service is noted by a shaded area on the weekend page. Looks like they might need to fix the PDF though, as there is overlapping text.

As expected, evening service is just once an hour. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing. The new night service gives retail and service workers a new lifeline home. Additionally, since the night buses hit downtown, tower, and riverpark, they may help prevent a drunk driver or two. Unfortunately, the service comes too late for Fresno FC fans.

It is not clear if the city is looking to hit any benchmarks to decide if they will continue to offer the service or expand it.

Here is the “night” map, which is a limited portion of regular service.

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