It’s taken Fresno over 3 years to rebuild a bus stop

On January 9, 2017. the Manchester Transit Center closed for renovations. It has been over three years and it is still closed for remodeling.


The Manchester Transit Center is one of three spots in Fresno where multiple bus lines meet, allowing seamless transfers. Or at least that was the case, as those buses were rerouted for the “temporary” construction project.

It’s not a particularly challenging project. It’s a surface level bus stop with 6 spaces for buses to stop. There are benches. There is a light canopy. There’s a trashcan or two. The FAX office is there, which sells passes, but that was never touched, and looks hilariously outdated.


The sidewalk along Blackstone has been closed for 3 years, with no designated pedestrian detour.


They added a couple of new features, such as real time arrival screens. Screens that have been sitting out long enough to no longer work. This isn’t just a camera effect – the bottom right part is busted.


One small section is open at the end, for Route 1/Q, because that makes sense.


Sure, California High Speed Rail has been slow going, but this is a bus stop. Three years to build a bus stop.


Really shows what the city priorities are when something as basic as this can’t get done.

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  1. From what the FAX twitter account has said in the past, they’re upset with this too. It’s the same thing with the rest of Manchester Mall, the renovation is at a standstill.

    My issue is, why didn’t they build a pedestrian crossing directly from the bus stop, through the parking lot and to Manchester’s Blackstone entrance? You have one of the only transfer centers in town and you don’t take advantage of the transit ridership.

    Heck, the Habit Burger and Chipotle could have been built closer to the transfer stop, although, perhaps they were worried enough about panhandlers bothering customers.

    1. I have a photo update of the rest of the mall to post soon, but thats an entirely private project. The city of Fresno is in charge of the bus stop.

  2. what a freaking joke. ive always been pro Fresno, but after seeing other cities, it really exposes how slow and behind fresno is. Ive come to a conclusion is the only time Fresno is great is if you live in north fresno or clovis and never have to below shaw because the city itself dont care

    1. I’ve always been pro Fresno as well. I have over 100 K invested in DTF, but I’m starting to think that that was a bad investment. Hmmmm, when I hear these types of things I just say Fresno SUCKS!

      1. What about just finding exactly who is responsible, making a formal complaint and causing a ton of noise about this. Isn’t that the only way you can change things?

      2. Yes, I have seen your patience wear thin through the years that we’ve been commenting on this site. It will hurt Fresno even more when those like us who have been pro Fresno and defendants of it simply dont care anymore and just agree with all the negativity towards it.

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