A look at Fresno’s improved bus stops

Last November, I reported that Fresno Area Express (FAX) received funds to update various bus stops. The upgrades include making them ADA accessible, so they can be used by those in wheelchairs, and adding new amenities like seating and shelters. Unlike the three-plus year odyssey that has been the reconstruction of the Manchester Transit Center, FAX has moved very quickly with these updates, and they’re almost all done.

For reference, here was the render they shared:

And here is what they look like in real life. Remember, they were previously just a sign planted on dirt.

You can see the new crosswalk and accessible ramps from the sidewalk to the island.


The bus stop itself has a large concrete pad, shelter, bench, and trash can.


Aside from being accessible and comfortable, this makes it clear that a bus route stops here.


A couple of things are missing. The first is improved signage, such as a network map, schedule, or other information. Instead, it’s just the typical bus stop sign.

Additionally, one question I had was if they would add crosswalks across the main roadway.

They did not.


So they’re not perfect, but they’re pretty good, and they were built very quickly. I saw a couple of other stops that were under construction, and they were identical, so I didn’t bother to photograph them.

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