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Jazzhop growing in popularity

In November, I attended the inaugural Jazzhop event, which was an extension of the existing ArtHop concept. The concept involves opening up studios and galleries downtown to the public, for free. Jazzhop added to the art by introducing local jazz musicians to the scene. These events are held once a month on a Thursday evening.

When I attended in November, I was impressed by the music and scope of the options, but very disappointed in the amount of people. Fortunately, that seems to have changed, and the event held last week was much more popular, even though more venues were added. Part of the credit goes to the Fresno Bee, which produced a large spread in the Sunday issue prior to this month’s event. Click to read more!

Quick review of Jazzhop and other downtown happening

As I mentioned in my last post, the first ever Jazzhop was held downtown this weekend.

I decided to attend, and so, here are my thoughts of the evening, along with pictures of recent developments downtown.

We started out by visiting GV Urban’s Biz-Werx, which was part of ArtHop but not Jazzhop. This building officially reopened this week after an extensive remodel, taking an abandoned eyesore into a good looking, and potentially lively street corner. The plan is to rent out the first floor into many offices, art studios or similar type of spaces, and the basement to be rented out as storage space. You can tell the building is old, because nobody in Fresno builds basements anymore. Click to read more!

A look at upcoming events and meetings in Fresno

Quick look at interesting walk/bike/transit related stuff going on in Fresno this weekend.

Arthop meets Jazzhop for the very first time. Enjoy art, music and food at local businesses downtown and in the Tower District. Walk between venues to get the best experience.



See the very large version of this map in this PDf file:

Not mentioned in the ads or map is the grand opening of “Biz-werx” featuring art and food, not no music. Thats at Fulton and Calaveras


Tuesday November 8th

Put on your advocacy shoes because there are two important meetings that will shape the future of Fresno. Click to read more!