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Bike Commuting: Route Challenges

This is an ongoing series about commuting to work by bike, sometimes. It will detail the problems I’ve faced, and the solutions I’ve found. Hopefully, it’s helpful to someone out there.

Today’s focus: Picking a route, sweat, shortcuts and traffic lights


As I wrote recently, I am now commuting to work on bike, sometimes. In fact, I didn’t even commute once on my bike last week due to a number of reasons, but I do have plenty to say about the two weeks prior. I’m going to hit the saddle again starting today.

The Route

The most important part about switching to a commute on bike is to find a suitable route. What’s especially key is realizing that the roads you take on a car are unlikely to be the same ones you’d want to take on a bike. That is, a little bit of research is in order, because following the same path to work when switching modes may lead to bad results. Click to read more!

I am now a bike commuter, sometimes

I’ve written a fair amount on this blog about cycling and making the use of bikes easier in the Fresno and Clovis area. However, I’ve never really been able to bike to work, due to distance. That is, I frequently have used my bike to run errands, attend events and so forth, but not for commuting.

Mind you, commuting isn’t that big a deal. There seems to be some inordinate focus on how people commute, but some studies have show that commuting makes up only 25% of trips. Makes sense if you do your own math. Commuting is a simple back and forth, but those shopping trips, runs to the grocer, visits to the cinema, dinners with family and friends, trips to the park and so on and so forth….well, most of the time we spend on the road it’s because we’re going somewhere other than work. Click to read more!

Being a pedestrian on Blackstone, in pictures

Blackstone Ave is by far Fresno’s busiest north/south route. It begins downtown near the biggest regional hospital (as Abbey) and then heads north, passing by Fresno City College. It then passes by the first suburban mall in the city (Manchester), continues north near the second suburban mall (Fashion) and then onward to the newest shopping mecca, River Park.

Along the way, there are a series of “zones” where auto-centric businesses cluster together, from an area of mostly motels, to an area of mostly car dealerships. Fast food outlets litter the sides, include the 10th Mcdonalds ever built. Click to read more!

Transportation, Muppets, and the war on anything

When it comes to development projects and crafting changes in planning and transportation policy, opposition will always emerge. A common form of opposition is “NIMBYism” which stands for “Not In My Backyard”. The term refers to folks who generally oppose any form of development in their surrounding area. Not all form of opposition is irrational. If someone was to propose a new freeway, airport or nuclear plant 50 yards from your backdoor, there is cause for concern, and opposition is expected. These proposals do come with real externalities that will negatively affect the area around it, and there is good reason to either relocate the proposal, alter it, or mitigate the negative aspects. At its core, the opposition is selfish, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Click to read more!

Road diets becoming political in Fresno

Starting a decade ago, the cities of Fresno and Clovis have transformed some streets with a “road diet” as they were repaved. These streets were taken down from a 2×2 configuration (+ parking) to a 1x1x1 configuration, with the center lane being used for left turns in both directions. Parking was maintained, and bike lanes were added with the leftover space.

These changes were usually crafted by the roads department (or public works) and simply striped in when the new asphalt was laid down and it was time to paint lines.

But something happened this past year. For reasons I don’t quite understand, road diets became a political thing, with citizens claiming that “city hall mandates” were being sent down to ruin life as we know it. Click to read more!

A look at upcoming events and meetings in Fresno

Quick look at interesting walk/bike/transit related stuff going on in Fresno this weekend.

Arthop meets Jazzhop for the very first time. Enjoy art, music and food at local businesses downtown and in the Tower District. Walk between venues to get the best experience.



See the very large version of this map in this PDf file:

Not mentioned in the ads or map is the grand opening of “Biz-werx” featuring art and food, not no music. Thats at Fulton and Calaveras


Tuesday November 8th

Put on your advocacy shoes because there are two important meetings that will shape the future of Fresno. Click to read more!

A new mile of bike lane coming to downtown Fresno

This Thursday, the Fresno City Council will take up, and supposedly approve, the striping of one mile of bike lane on Fresno Street west of downtown. Bike lane striping is a routine issue for the council and I don’t expect any objections or serious debate on the matter. The bid has already been put out, and came in under expected cost. Further, the city has added miles of lanes to downtown Fresno without any negative consequences. That’s why I’m jumping the gun and putting this post up before official approval.

The City of Fresno seeks to construct commuter bicycle lanes along both sides of Fresno Street from California Avenue to ‘C’ Street. The scope of work includes grinding of existing striping, slurry seal, new Class ll bike lane striping and signage, and street striping to reduce Fresno Street from a 4 Lane Arterial with no bicycle facilities down to a 2 Lane Arterial with new Class ll Bicycle Lanes. The project is located in City of Fresno Council District No. 3. Click to read more!

A month ago I posted about seeing brand new bike lanes being painted on Kings Canyon Rd and Ventura Ave in Fresno. I later went out there to confirm that they do in fact extend from just west of Clovis Avenue to the railroad crossing that marks the entrance to downtown.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find anything on the city website showing recently painted lanes, or a planned schedule of lanes, so I don’t know if there have been any other streets that saw new lanes.

If you see any new bike lanes in Fresno, please mention them here!

We start in Clovis, who has decided that King’s Canyon must be extraordinarily wide. Why? No clue. Waste of money really. Click to read more!

New bike lanes on Ventura/Kings Canyon

While on my way to eat at a Mexican restaurant on Ventura Ave (Castillo’s) I noticed something interesting….bike lanes. Those weren’t there before, right!?!

That area isn’t part of my daily routine, but I do pass by every other week or so, and I’m pretty sure I would have noticed them before. I wasn’t sure though, so as soon as I got home, I looked at Google’s satellite imagery, taken in April, and I’m right, the lanes are brand new.

So Fresno has finally painted bike lanes on one of their busiest commercial corridors!


Here’s the deal. Fresno has three major east/west commercial streets. From north to south, Herndon, Shaw and King’s Canyon/Ventura (it randomly changes names, same street). Click to read more!