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One councilman destroys a road diet three years in the making

The events of this post took place last Thursday, at the city council meeting. I didn’t write about it that night because I was furious. Four days later, I’m still upset about what went down, and how easily it was to ignore years of public and community work, and a panel of technical experts.

What happened is that Fresno County proposed a road diet on Fruit Ave, between Shaw and Herndon. Like all road diets, this was to take a 4 lane road, and make it three lanes, with two bike lanes. It was pretty much a sure thing, so much so that a month ago, I wrote about it saying we could expect to see the new diet, and new bike lanes, by this fall. Click to read more!

Fresno has a secret bike/ped path

Alternate title: I’ve built a new trail for Fresno!

Multi-use trails aren’t exactly the most common thing to find. Most cities treat them as recreational tools, and so they’re one of the first things to be cut during times of hard budgets. And since the budget is always tough, we find ourselves with a very slow growing network. In reality, while they do serve as scenic leisure rides and walks, trails can also work as highways for people on bikes, and shortcuts for those on foot.

Because they’re uncommon compared to the endless roads and sidewalks, you would think that a city would want to highlight a trail in the city. After all, even if they only see it as a recreational asset, it’s still something worth promoting, isn’t it? Click to read more!